Ok, technically it’s a 16 minute commercial for Lady Dior and part of the ongoing Marion Cotillard campaign. Apparently the folks at Dior told Lynch he could do anything he wanted as long as he showed the Dior handbag and featured Shanghai’s Pearl Tower.

When one is presented with another slice of David Lynch’s imagination, one doesn’t question how or why it came to be. One just sits back and enjoys even if it’s familiar territory for Lynch fans.

Read Lynch’s explanation at Financial Times.

via: Movie City Indie

3 Responses to “Dior pays Lynch to make a short film with Cotillard”

  1. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it much. I thought that for a Dior commercial, it was sloppy. I was too distracted with all the blurry camera movements to even notice the handbag.

    Also… I didn’t know Lady Rouge ended up being a music video of Marion on a red dress, and Marion on a suit. xD

  2. lol…ok it’s a crappy Dior commercial, but how does it play as a bit of David Lynch?

  3. I love Lynch, and I’d watch Cotillard read the phone book.

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