I’d like to give a Living in Cinema shout out to Ms. Rodgriguez and her 1st and 2nd period Reading and Language Arts classes at Southside Elementary in Miami, Florida. Living in Cinema was recently used in some assignments Ms. Rodriguez gave about writing reviews and this morning I had the pleasure of answering some sharp questions from her kids over the telephone.

I know I lost a few fans when I admitted I didn’t like Alice in Wonderland very much, but like I said: the most important thing to remember about reviewing a book or a movie is that you can’t be wrong if you can explain yourself in a way that makes sense to people. No matter what your opinion is, someone is going to disagree with you and that’s ok. That’s part of the fun of doing it. If you’re good, you might even find that you’re able to change people’s minds.

In fact, if you’re a huge Alice fan, feel free to send me an email telling me exactly why I’m wrong. Maybe we can convince Ms. R. to give out a little extra credit!

What do you say? Here’s my email: craig (at) livingincinema.com

Keep up the good work guys, and keep reading and writing.

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  1. That’s awesome. And insane that elementary school students regularly use email. I probably sound like a dinosaur and I’m only on the edge of 30, but it just fascinates me how integrated the internet is with children’s lives. Good on Ms. Rodriguez for such a cool assignment!

  2. Awesome indeed! This teacher has exquisite taste, and the assignment itself is an inspired one.

  3. Awesome, Craig!

    And I agree with Sam. What an excellent assignment.

  4. Daniel those kids already know more about computers and the internet than we’ll ever know methinks. Sad for us, but good for them.

  5. Hello Southside Elementary and Living Cinema!

    That is an awesome assignment, which will help a new batch of film reviewers for the near future ;)

    By the way, I did liked Alice xD

  6. Judging by the box office Amy, I’m on a sad lonely little island with my lack of enthusiasm.

    I’m ok with that!

  7. Yeah, we’re troglodytes compared to today’s tech savvy yutes. My nieces have been using email for years and the oldest of them is only 8.

    This is pretty amazingly cool, Craig. I’m just so happy to hear you got to take part in this.

  8. Thanks to everyone that left a reply! Major Kudos to Craig who produces such a fantastic website that could be used in a classroom. He was so gracious and wonderful with those kids. It is thanks to people like him that people like me can get creative in a classroom.

  9. Thank you so much including me in your lesson Blanca. You’re the best teacher ever!

  10. It was fun asking question on the phone. Mrs. Rodriguez is the BEST teacher you could ever have!

  11. You’re right Jailene! She is.

    It was great talking to you guys.

  12. I agree with Jailene.
    Ms.Rodriguez is the BEST Reading and Writing Teacher you could ever have.She makes the Class so fun.
    Craig, Thank you for the Cool website you made,its helping me understand how to write a Book Review for The great novel that Ms.Rodriguez is asking us to do.
    Keep On with the good work in the website,Its great.

  13. I also Agree that Ms.Roriguez should give us a little extra credit for that.

  14. Thanks Veronica!

  15. Awww shucks guys, thanks for the compliments.

    Now… if only I had time to teach them to type and format properly, I’d be in business!

    I love my lil geniuses!

  16. Heck, I didn’t learn that stuff until 9th grade and honestly there are still days when it escapes me.

  17. Good job Ms. Rodriguez. You are doing a wonderful job. This is why you are truly missed.

  18. All right, here we go…

    Craig has convinced me to set up an extra credit assignment for those students that are willing to write a review on a movie.

    Your mission should you choose to accept is the following:

    Write a review on either Alice In Wonderland, How To Train Your Dragon, or the new Shrek film being released this week. You must indent the beginning of each paragraph, use capital letters, correct punctuation, and check spelling. I want to see some really amazing writing that is going to convince me that you are right and that I should watch or skip watching the film. Craig is considering publishing some of your reviews if they are stellar.

    Make me proud and let’s show them that I have a class full of rockin writers!

  19. Mrs. Rodriguez-Berrios is not just an awesome teacher, but a wonderful example for rookies like me. I am blessed to have her as a mentor!

    PS – I may copy this movie review idea ;)


  20. Very Cool !

    Next school year you can write Museum Exhibition reviews!!!!!!

  21. Mrs. R-B is the coolest! I’m a teacher/Media Specialist and I see what she does with these students.
    I’m definitely no rookie, a 26-year veteran to be exact, yet I too am inspired by watching her teach. Being a movie lover also, I can imagine how exciting this assignment must’ve been.

  22. Mrs.Rodriguez is the best teacher you could ever have.
    Mrs.Rodriguez is really cool also when you’re sad she will always make you have a smile on you’re face. :)

  23. I agree with Parissa of course she is my twin so. BANANAS!

    And Ms.Rodriquez is a rockin teacher she is the best teacher i’ ve ever had and she is very funny kudos to her

  24. I’ve had the pleasure of working and team-teaching with Ms. Rodriguez in the past and she is an inspirational teacher to say the least! …so glad to see that somethings don’t change. Keep it up! =o)

  25. OMG!
    babak, your crazy.

  26. Mrs. Rodriguez-Berrios…what can I say?! You’ve always been a guiding light for me as a teacher and as a friend. Thank you for showing me that teaching can always be fun and interesting for both the teacher and the student. Miss you next door!!!

  27. Hi! I LOVE Mrs. Rodriguez-Berrios SHE IS AWESEOME! best teacher you could EVER have in your WHOLE LIFE!! She is awesome :) <3neftali :)

  28. Kudos to other people!
    I consider myself lucky to have Mrs. Rodriguez-B as my teacher for the second year. She is funny but also a great teacher. Thank you for all you do for us.

  29. ok this is to blanca r. it was so good to have you as a teacher i hope to see you in the future and i miss you sooooooo much

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