Lionsgate would REALLY like you to know about their upcoming “dude buried in a box” flick Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. I linked some of the enthusiastic reviews when it hit Sundance, I ran the poster (updated above) and the teaser trailer, and now Yahoo has a motion poster which I’ve embedded after the jump.

It’s similar in content to the trailer actually, but it’s nicely done. Turn up the volume and give it a few seconds to kick in.

Reynolds plays a truck driver working in Iraq whose convoy is attacked. When he awakes, he finds himself inside of a coffin, presumably buried underground, armed only with a lighter, a cell phone and a dwindling air supply.

Buried opens September 24.

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8 Responses to “Motion Poster: Ryan Reynolds in ‘Buried’”

  1. hmm wouldn’t the lighter decrease the amount of oxygen left in the coffin?

    cool marketing campaign, though. I still can’t get passed how boring I find Reynolds as a lead, though.

    And does that Flash play on a loop? Because it’s played 5 times while writing this, and it’s getting annoying…

  2. Yes it does and I can’t turn it off, that’s why I put it after the jump. Iimagine if it was on the front page…

    As far as low-wattage former TV people turned movie stars go, I think Reynolds holds the most promise.

    I hate Bradley Cooper. I hate Kathryn Heigl. I like whatsisname, Jim from The Office, but not so much in movies…though he was good in the otherwise terrible Away We Go.

  3. “Pai Mei, here I come…”

  4. Sounds like it has “Phone Booth”-like potential.

  5. Haha Christian, I was thinking the same thing. But it Ryan Reynolds cool enough to stash a straight-razor in his cowboy boots? I don’t think so.

  6. (shudder)

  7. Craig, Trailer Addict has a player version:

    it doesn’t start until you hit “play”
    in case you wanna change it… xD

  8. I went to all the trouble to figure out how to embed Flash so I don’t want to change it :)

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