It looks like they went to great lengths to capture the look of the original Let the Right One In, but tonally it comes across a little more aggressive and a little less contemplative.

I’m still not really sure how I feel about the idea of a remake in the first place. I’m fine with the original film, but there’s no real harm in redoing it.

The good cast including Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road), Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Richard Jenkins (The Visitor, HBO’s Six Feet Under) is promising. Let’s even be charitable and give director Matt Reeves credit for the good parts of Cloverfield and blame the bad parts on the screenplay.

Still, I’m having hard time drumming up enthusiasm for this one.

It opens in the US on October 1.

via: Deadline

7 Responses to “UK Trailer: Let Me In”

  1. I thought the original was wildly over-praised, and the prospect of seeing it again from the director of CLOVERFIELD isn’t appealing to me.

  2. I thought the original was great and this looks like what I would expect from the folks involved. A little disappointing to see they’ve copied so many shots from the original but maybe this will yield some interesting acting moments. I have a bad feeling they’ve rewritten the Oskar character to make him less disturbing, more sympathetic.

  3. I agree the original was over-hyped, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good and I still liked it.

    The big fear I had when they announced the remake was that they’d crank it up into more of an action/horror flick and it doesn’t seem like they went that route here.

    Still, nothing about it says “You liked the first one? Wait until you see THIS!”

    If anything it makes me want to take another shot at the original.

  4. The original was my fave film of 2008 xD and it was quiet, and it played those silences. It was disturbing, and it had Eli. Eli was awesome. Oskar was scary. LOL

    This trailer is loud. >,< And I didn't think too much of Cloverfield… I will still check it out.

    What I liked about this trailer? The Morse code. LOL

  5. My main source of anticipation comes from the actors. I thought Smit-McPhee was really outstanding in “The Road,” and, like most, I was greatly entertained by Moretz’s turn in “Kick-Ass.”

    I do agree that the tone feels more “aggressive,” which is something I was glad not to see in the original. The more “contemplative” feeling of the Swedish film was perhaps its best characteristic.

  6. Interesting that they mimicked the look and feel so closely. I didn’t expect such a shot-by-shot reproduction. What’s the point?

    Like the cast. Hate the title.

  7. “it was quiet, and it played those silences.” Yes! Though in fairness, there’s no telling at this point that the remake will be music-videoy like the trailer is. I hope not.

    I totally agree though with Amy and Danny in that the tone of the original was key. My big assumption when they announced the remake was that it would emphasize action over mood and there’s reason to hope here that they haven’t done that.

    Still. This isn’t high on my list of movies to see right now. I’d rather rewatch the original.

    JB, supposedly the first edition of the english language version of the book was called Let Me In, but it was subsequently changed back to Let the Right One In. No idea why they went with this title for the movie. There’s still time to wise up though.

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