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IFC has rolled out the poster and trailer for Fatih Akin’s comedy Soul Kitchen. When a restaurateur’s girlfriend suddenly takes off for Shanghai, he leaves his restaurant in the care of his sketchy brother to go bring her back. Finding her shacked up with another man, he returns only to discover that his brother has managed the restaurant into the ground. Can he save his restaurant and repair his love life?

American trailers for foreign comedies often lose something in the translation and even well-meaning ones like this one risk coming off crass and stupid. I don’t know, maybe it’s me and my distaste for just about every voiceover actor used in every American trailer. Fingernails on a chalkboard.

Soul Kitchen has received excellent reviews on the film festival circuit and my hopes remain high. It opens August 20th.

6 Responses to “Trailer: Fatih Akin’s ‘Soul Kitchen’”

  1. Can’t watch the trailer here at work, but Akin’s The Edge of Heaven was one of my favorite films that year. Count me in, trailer unseen.

  2. Trailer was….odd. Maybe I just wasn’t expecting comedy from Akin.

  3. Forgive me being all design-y, but is the type used on “SOUL” the same as Inception? xD

  4. lol…yes! aka 24pt Kitchen Stove Burner

  5. The voiceover and trailer flashiness is trying much to hard. The film content itself looks solid. I’m still down, despite the marketing.

  6. Me too. It’s just a shame the rich panoply of foreign and indie cinema has to aim for the middle just to find an audience.

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