One of the more buzzed about films at Sundance this year (at least from my seat 700 miles away) was Catfish, a film that charts the online romance of the filmmaker’s brother. At least that’s how it begins. Apparently it evolves into something else altogether in the end, but everyone who’s seen it says it should be a surprise.

I’m not sure how they’ll ever keep the lid on this one, but I’m sold.

Check out the trailer at Apple or stream it after the jump.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t appear to spoil anything, though a number of people are saying you shouldnt watch the trailer at all.

I’d say if you’re not willing to give the benefit of a doubt and just go in blind, check it out. If you are, then don’t bother to watch.

Catfish opens September 17.

2 Responses to “Trailer: Sundance hit ‘Catfish’”

  1. I watched the trailer because I’ll doubtless forget everything I saw well before I’ll have a chance to see this. I’m intrigued, though.

  2. Some folks have said the end of the trailer is misleading. Making it seem like something it’s not.

    Whatever it is, we’re not supposed to know until we see it so that puts the marketing weasels in a bit of a bind. How do you convince people to see a movie without telling them anything about it?

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