That’s right. Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone has convinced me to join her and her AD partner Ryan Adams in a little hard core movie chat action. This time of year the focus will naturally fall back on awards season, but the plan is to round it out with a more general approach to the movie conversation. Hopefully that will keep us going all year round.

We’ve already laid down our first conversation and Ms. Stone is, as we speak, hard at work in a super-secret bunker somewhere near the Santa Monica Mountains piecing it together so we don’t just sound like dumbasses.  I’m told that the first episode will be a little bit epic in length, but that’s a function of how much fun we had doing it and I hope that comes through.

Having never done anything like this, I’m sure I’ll be a little rough around the edges to start, but I hope to improve from one episode to the next.

So, stay tuned. Word is that the podcast will go live sometime tonight or tomorrow. I’m excited. How about you?

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  1. Very excited! Probably a question you’ve gotten, but will it be available on iTunes, or just the respective websites?

    As a frequent podcast listener, I wonder what your definition of the word “epic” is, because some of the shows I listen to run 2 hours, and that’s common for the show. Whatever the case, I can’t wait!

  2. How will this conflict/relate to the recently announced Oscar podcast Sasha plans to do with Jeff Wells? Is she just going to have similar discussions with two different people? I realize yours is not Oscar focused, but like you said, it will inevitably deal with the Oscars quite a bit this time of year.

  3. Josh, I’m told it will be available on iTunes. Epic by my definition is about an hour. I’ve heard people who do this kind of thing regularly recommend around 40 minutes and that’s kind of our goal I think.

    Dan, I’m certain there will be some overlap between this podcast and the Stone/Wells podcast, but I expect each one to reflect the personalities of the people involved and will therefore be different. Sasha of course is the common denominator but I believe her other cast will have a totally different dynamic.

    Ours will also talk a lot about awards, but since that’s not my area of expertise, I hope to be able to mix it up and keep the topics wide ranging.

  4. Why can’t I hear anything?

  5. It works if you run it from AD. I’ll investigate. It was working last night.

  6. I think it’s fixed now

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