Behold: Episode 1 of the Awards Daily/Living in Cinema Three-Way Moviegasm wherein I join the Dynamic Duo behind Awards Daily, the mellifluous Sasha Stone and the roguishly charming Ryan Adams, for a weekly chat about what’s doing in movies. With two experts in the mix, our talk will naturally gravitate toward the Oscars, especially during awards season, but the plan is to mix it up and to be open to talking about whatever is blowing our skirts up that week.


In our premiere episode, I try one last time to convince Sasha and Ryan to give Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m Still Here a shot (Spoiler: I fail); we talk about Ben Affleck’s The Town and whether or not it has the stuff for Oscar love; Sasha gives a hint of what we can expect from the upcoming The King’s Speech and finally we all give our thoughts about my most anticipated film of the year, Joel and Ethan Coen’s True Grit, before a final giggling meltdown and outtakes of us screwing up.

If you’ve got questions you’d like to ask either Sasha, Ryan or me, or if there are any topics you’d specifically like to see addressed, by all means drop me a line at craig [at] We’ll do our best to include some of your emails in future episodes.

And of course feel free to give me your thoughts about Episode 1 in the comments section – good, bad or ugly, I can take it. This whole thing is a work in progress for me and with your input I can hopefully improve from week to week. Already it’s clear we have a couple of audio difficulties – Sasha sounds like she’s broadcasting from a trunk in a Buick parked up on Mulholland Drive and I sound a little bit like I’m sitting on the toilet. We’ll definitely have those things worked out for episode 2.

A special thank you goes out to Ms. Stone for the hours of hard work she put in to making us sound as fancy as possible.

16 Responses to “World Premiere: The AD/LiC Three-Way Moviegasm!”

  1. this is a great idea and a terrific new feature to have on the site. good job to everyone involved.

    I’d love to hear another discussion about “I’m Still Here” once everyone has seen it. I think it was Craig that mentioned that a lot of people seem to be concentrated on the gimmick of the film, or how the “joke” was executed, and how it’s distracting from what the movie actually is in many ways. After seeing the film myself I’m not really sure describing it as a stunt or gimmick is entirely accurate.

    **I’m going into mild spoiler territory here**

    The film has a narrative arc that was clearly scripted or outlined (like a narrative feature) but it’s told using an aesthetic that we usually associate with documentary film (a crew follows its subject/hand-held photography/interviews/etc) and mixed with elements of performance-art on the part of the film’s star, Joaquin Phoenix, who created a character/alter-ego and brought that character into the real world to blur the line between reality and fiction, fact and fantasy. Those performance-art pieces (Letterman, “Two Lovers” premiere, the Miami clubs, etc) fill the narrative gaps that couldn’t be properly staged the way several other sequences in the film were staged. The way those moments are incorporated into the film’s storyline is rather brilliant – the Letterman incident as the character’s final realization that his career is spinning out of control, or, as he states after the interview, “I fucked up my life!”. Phoenix is playing an extreme cartoon version of The Self-Destructive Celebrity. It’s so over-the-top in places it becomes hysterical, and yet so convincing by the end of the movie that you do buy it! But that’s what great actors do. I watch De Niro in “Raging Bull” and I forget it’s De Niro. I fee like “I’m Still Here” works as a narrative feature in that way.

    I believe the point of the film is to comment on how we’ve become so over-saturated by different media that we lose sight of what’s real and what’s fake even when the truth is completely obvious. people ARE fooled by good editing, by good performances, by distorted news, etc. Using the world of celebrity is the most sensible way to satirize this concept.

    anyway am I making sense? it’s difficult to describe “I’m Still Here” because it works as many different things. I think it has a lot in common with “F For Fake”, or at least a lot in common with certain ideas that Welles explored in that film. Affleck’s movie isn’t quite on that level obviously, but it’s certainly an inspired effort.

  2. Congratulations, Craig, on your first (?) podcast. You’re a natural at this, so I don’t understand why you waited so long to do it.

    I look forward to more of these as the season progresses.

    Fine work.

  3. Wow a podcast. that’s a lot of work. xD

    Suggestions… hmm, I don’t know if this has a script outline so you guys know what to talk about, or any idea on how this was recorded. It seems a bit unnatural the way you guys talk and interact with each other. Sometimes it feels like you’re reading a lot.

    Also don’t see a reason why to include audio from the film, maybe include a track from a soundtrack while you discuss the films?

    But then again, I seldom listen to podcasts – not really a big fan of them in general – It’d be cool to get a weekly live chat with the 3 of you, though.

  4. Amy the openings were definitely canned. We had to redo them because off the cuff they were terrible. It was our first time and we were pretty uncomfortable at the very beginning.

    We had a general outline of the things we wanted to discuss but other than the redone openings, we weren’t working from a script. The editing may have made it sound more unnatural.

    Thanks Pierre! After a lot of nerves, I’m really excited about doing this now. I hope there are many more to come.

    Ari, we’re totally on the same page with ISH. It was hard for me to really make my case since Sasha and Ryan hadn’t seen the film.

    Not only are we fooled by what’s real and what’s fake, we assume this image we build up of celebrities is the reality (for better or for worse), but it never is. These performers are human beings, but they’re always having to play a part whether they’re in a movie or not.

  5. Congratulations, Craig! Great job! And I know you were probably nervous your first time out but you didn’t sound it. You did great!

    And whatever people may say or think about I’m Still Here it sure has sparked lots of discussion. You guys spent a quarter of the time of the podcast talking about it. So on a certain level it did its job. :-)

  6. I’ve been nervous my whole life Alison so I’ve gotten good at hiding it I guess!

    ISH has definitely gotten people talking whether they’ve seen it or not, though I still think a majority of people have missed the point. Some got the point and it didn’t resonate with them and that’s cool, but all the people on Metacritic who gave it a zero should have their critics cards revoked.

    FYI: I believe I’m Still Here is playing on cable On Demand for those of you so situated who are curious but don’t want to leave the house or it isn’t playing in your area.

  7. Holy crap, you guys have deep voices!!! Listening to this lovely montage-a-trois (tm Ryan). Congrats!

  8. Hope you enjoy DP. It was a blast doing it.

  9. I also enjoyed the show; having heard plenty of first-timers try it, the hour went by smoothly (well, except the introductions, which did feel very canned, but that’s probably going to change). Another welcome addition to my burgeoning list of weekly podcasts.

  10. Glad you enjoyed it. It was so much fun it would kind of suck if no one wanted to hear it.

  11. I love it! My new favorite podcast. You guys are naturals, and full of interesting things to say and the sparkling personalities with which to say them. This is just going to get better and better till you three co-own the Internets.

  12. I think you did far better than you think you did, Craig. Nice job.

  13. Ample room for improvement, but I was relieved when I finally listened to it.

  14. Loved it! What’s not to when you’re listening to articulate, interesting, and funny people who are so knowledgeable in their subject. It’s so cool to gain a different yet just as engaging sense of the three of you through hearing you speak.

  15. It’s strange to think how long we’ve known each other, but hadn’t ever really talked. It took awhile to assign voices to personalities, but it clicked pretty quickly.

    I imagine it was a similar situation for you guys.

  16. woah, where has Dorothy been all this time?

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