It’s a day late and very short, but here’s Episode 2 of The Moviegasm starring Sasha Stone, Ryan Adams and yours truly.

A couple of illnesses, crammed schedules and a chain reaction screw job of technical difficulties have conspired to keep this, our second shot at the whole podcasting thing, a little briefer than we’d like (about 23 minutes), but we managed to get in some thoughts about The Social Network, Let Me In and True Grit. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Return of the Moviegasm”

  1. Can’t wait to listen. Probably tonight before I can, though. Short or long, I enjoy hearing what your 3-way has to say.

  2. The Social Network deals with a subject I’m not particularly drawn to, so working up my interest has not been easy. Hearing more about it here, though, arouses my interest. Let Me In, as well, is a film I’ve been skeptical about. I think fans of the original would do well to discard preconceived notions about the remake and what it’s intended to be.

    Thanks, Craig and all, for the illuminating exchange — you’ve got a good thing going with these (spoiler-free) podcasts.

  3. Glad you enjoyed Pierre. This one almost didn’t happen at all.

    I predict you’ll like TSN. The performances are terrific and the writing is razor sharp. I have to admit I wasn’t crazy about the subject going in myself, but Sorkin and the cast make it work.

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