It’s time again for The Three-Way Moviegasm with Awards Daily hosts Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams plus your truly.

This week:

  • (0:00 – 14:30) Celebrating the DVD release of my favorite movie of the year: Winter’s Bone
  • (14:30 – 30:40) A taste of what to expect from Danny Boyle’s survival story 127 Hours starring James Franco. This is a true story which is well known, but if you’ve been trapped under a boulder for the last decade there may be *spoilers*
  • (30:40 – 45:15) A naked plea to the Academy not to forget Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom
  • 45:15 – 48:50 And finally I do my best to offend the nation of Australia

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2 Responses to “Three-Way Moviegasm: Episode 5”

  1. I really love listening to these. The combination of smart insight and pure goofiness when y’all get tickled by each other is just right.

    Agreed absolutely with everything said about Winter’s Bone. Haven’t seen the others, but I’m even more interested in them now, particularly Animal Kingdom.

  2. Glad you enjoy these JB. I just show up and ramble. Sasha Stone does all the editing work so she deserves all the credit.

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