Jill Clayburgh died Friday at age 66. When I was a little kid in the 1970s, she seemed to be the star of every movie that my parents would go to with their friends. She was a presence even if her films weren’t exactly on my mental radar. I also remember her from the 1974 episode of The Rockford Files called “The Big Ripoff” which US readers can stream after the jump.

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  1. This is so sad. I didn’t realize that she had been sick for such a long time.

    I was a kid in the 70’s of course, so at that time I wasn’t watcing her in things like An Unmarried Woman and Starting Over. Instead I associated her with movies like Silver Streak.


  2. In the early phase of her career, Clayburgh seemed to personify the modern white American woman — attractive, intelligent, sophisticated yet down to earth, and an equal in her relationships with men. For that alone, she made quite a contribution to film culture and, therefore, culture in general.

    The one moment I particularly remember of her occurs in The First Monday in October, where she played the first female US supreme court justice. I love the way she says, “chaos.” (It’s the little things. . . .)

  3. I liked her a lot. She did a lot of TV in her later years, which is what I know her best from. I need to see her Oscar-nominated performances. Didn’t realize she’d been sick, either.

  4. No love for Rockford? Do I even KNOW you people??

  5. Come on, Craig. This is a cinema blog, not a TV blog, lol.

    To be honest, I did see some episodes of Rockford but I never watched it regularly. They made us play the theme song in band class though.

  6. Hey, way to throw my own words right back at me!

    That’s why Mr. Cunningham didn’t get a mention, but Mrs. Cleaver did. It’s all about the movies, baby.

    Still, that’s a great episode of Rockford. It even has Susanne Sommers in it! Loved that show as a kid.

  7. I have to say, Alison, that the Rockford theme is one of my all-time favorite TV theme songs but it seems oddly inappropriate for band class.

    I’ve always like Clayburgh. Even though she never stood out in my memory, she was always likable and felt real in anything she did. I think I was also so young at the height of her film career that the film I remember her in most strongly is Silver Streak.

  8. ROCK


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