Unbeknownst to me, Episode 7 of the Three-Way Moviegasm between me and Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams went up on Saturday.

This week we talk about Oscar year 1938 when The Life of Emile Zola won Best Picture, but Leo McCarey won Best Director for The Awful Truth. Next I try to convince Sasha and Ryan that Please Give is one of the worst movies of the year (they admired it) and then Sasha tries to convince Ryan and I the same thing about Catfish. Note that we saved the Catfish segment for last because it necessarily contains massive spoilers. If you haven’t seen Catfish, skip the end of the podcast.

This is as close as we’ve come to an argument.

Check out the new episode below or hit iTunes to get caught up on any that you may have missed.


2 Responses to “The Three-Way Moviegasm, Episode 7”

  1. Good episode! I skipped most of the Catfish part, even though I’ve already been spoiled, just because without having seen it the discussions of specific people’s motivations, etc. is lost on me.

    You guys disagree well and still seem to be having a good time. All the Oscar history discussion is interesting, too.

  2. I’m told the Catfish part was the strongest segment! Figures though. No one saw it.

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