The Three-Way Moviegasm Podcast is back with Episode #8. There is too much goodness to be safely swallowed in one go so it’s been broken into two serving sized parts for the timid.

Clocking in at nearly 47 minutes, part one covers The Kids Are All Right (available on DVD today) with an emphasis on the lead performances of Annette Bening and Juliane Moore. Then we talk about their chances against Natalie Portman in the upcoming Black Swan. The Black Swan conversation is 100% certified spoiler free unless you didn’t already know that it is awesome. Oops, was that a spoiler?


In part two, which lasts 55 minutes, we talk about Oscar Year 1965 (movie year 1964) when Dr. Strangelove faced off with My Fair Lady and Becket and lost.


If you missed an episode, check out the Three-Way Moviegasm at iTunes.

2 Responses to “Three-Way Moviegasm: The Kids Are All Right & Black Swan, Plus Oscars 1965: Dr. Strangelove vs. My Fair Lady vs. Becket”

  1. Fittingly, I just recently revisited both Dr. Strangelove and Becket thanks to Turner Classic Movies, allowing me the umpteenth opportunity to lament the Academy’s wrongheadedness in that instance.

    I’ll be sure to listen, Craig, thank you!

  2. You might be surprised on my take regarding the whole mess. I treasure Strangelove as a shard of genius and while I consider the other two movies to be top shelf examples of their respective forms…. well they’re not genius. Nevertheless, I both understand and accept why the Academy chose not to celebrate the other two films.

    But more later if/when you listen.

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