I know it’s ridiculous to start calling Oscars before the nominations have even been announced, but sometimes if you say something loud enough and often enough, it comes true. Black Swan is my favorite of the Oscar-buzziest movies (read my review here) and 75% of that is because of Natalie Portman. It’s a great performance and, more importantly, watch her charming the pants off the world in last night’s unusually level-headed interview with Letterman. She even handles Dave’s gushing gracefully and politely. She’s going to be all over the place over the next several months repeating this scene in front of voters and media outlets. It’s dangerous to be a front runner this early, but I doubt she’ll fade like a Mulligan.

This interview is 100% spoiler free. I’ll put up a better quality clip as soon as CBS posts an official one.

8 Responses to “Your soon-to-be-Oscar-winner Natalie Portman on Letterman”

  1. Can you believe I just got giddy reading your post title? LOL If that happens — still need to see it, and the competition — I’m gonna be one proud… I don’t wanna say “mama” but I could be a proud little sister. xD

  2. Mulligan. I’m gonna use that one day. I’m not sure if Portman’s gonna win, but she’s gonna be Annette Bening’s biggest competition.

  3. Finally watched this. She’s absolutely perfect. I’d say the smart money’s on her. One of my tests of performances–though of course they are impossible to compare–is could any other actor have played this role so well, turned in this caliber performance given the same material? Having seen neither hers or Annette Bening’s performances, I’d say Annette’s role looks to be the more interchangeable. Do I make any sense?

    Dave sure didn’t seem to be equivocating about her. Of course he was a fan of her even when she was fat.

  4. There have been some terrific female performances this year, including Bening (who was even better in the totally overlooked Mother and Child), but I think this video illustrates an advantage Portman might have. She’s going to be a good campaigner. She’s great on talk shows. Bening doesn’t seem too interested in playing the game and, like with Christian Bale, I think that will hurt her awards chances. She’ll get nominated I’m sure, but She’ll need more mustard for the win I think and Portman seems to have it.

    Paolo, we’ve all Mulliganed at one time or another, haven’t we?

  5. Always thought she was beautiful but never have seen her give a great performance. Very curious about BLACK SWAN…

  6. I’ve felt about her exactly the same way. Beautiful. A good actress. I think she’s legitimately great in Black Swan. For all the buzz about the movie (some of it is overstated), she’s the best part.

  7. Annette’s role looks to be the more interchangeable. Do I make any sense?

    To me, you do, jennybee, and I haven’t seen Black Swan either. Bening has a unique quality, but her character in TKAAR could be assumed by another actress without much trouble because the part doesn’t depend on that unique quality.

    And — like it or not — Bening is older, which will make a subliminal difference, I think in this case, to Academy voters.

  8. I think if there’s a flaw to Bening’s performance in TKAAR, it’s that it’s too much in her wheelhouse. So was Mother and Child, but it was a more interesting character.

    Portman to me has reached a new level for herself.

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