To ring in the New Year: A cocktail or 6 with Nick and Nora

Happy New Year everyone. When I raise a Manhattan tonight around midnight, I’ll be toasting world peace, reserved seating in movie theaters and you, but not necessarily in that order. Here’s hoping 2011 turns out to be a year filled with health, happiness and wonderful times at the movies.

LiC’s Top 10 of 2010

Waste Land – My favorite movie of 2010 Just in time for everyone to be sick of Top 10s, here’s the list of my 10 favorite films of 2010. Rather than a lot of navel gazing about the significance (or insignificance) of lists, or how some lists are better than others, or how many movies (read…)

DVD Pipeline: Catfish and Machete kick off the New Year

2010 is winding down but there are a couple of DVD releases to look forward to right after the calendars are flipped over to 2011. Also take a look at LiC’s ongoing DVD Shelf for an updated list of favored films (currently going back to 2009) now available on DVD. Coming to DVD 1/4/11 Catfish (read…)

New Years Forecast: A scattering of drama

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams shine in Blue Valentine Ok emotional cowards. You ignored me when I told you to go see Rabbit Hole (**** 1/2) because the subject matter sounded too dark and depressing. Well, I’ve got three whoppers for you (all opening today because of the holiday) that will make Rabbit Hole sound (read…)

Wherein I interview my cinema heroes Joel and Ethan Coen

I’m still pinching myself over the opportunity given to me by the charming and personable Sasha Stone of Awards Daily to talk to Joel and Ethan Coen regarding their new film True Grit. If you know me or even if you’ve spent any time reading this blog, you know that these two guys are long (read…)

Jonsi’s ‘Sticks and Stones’ from How To Train Your Dragon

I didn’t see a lot of animation in 2010, but I have a hard time believing there’s one out there I’d have liked better than How to Train Your Dragon (**** 1/2). I did see both Toy Story 3 (****) and The Illusionist (***) which are the favored picks among the cool kids, but neither (read…)

‘McCabe’ among 25 named to National Film Registry

The opening credits of Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs. Miller featuring Leonard Coen’s “The Stranger Song” One of the things I’ve come to look forward to each year is the list of films to be preserved in the National Film Registry. In the words of the Library of Congress website: Under the terms of the (read…)

Black Swan gets 7 OFCS noms, Social Network 6

The Online Film Critics Society announced their nominations this morning with Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan totalling the most with 7 including Best Picture. The results don’t align completely with how I voted myself, but with a few exceptions I think these are pretty solid choices though not exactly a harbinger of Oscar. Winners will be (read…)

The Illusionist (2010)

There’s a scene late in Sylvain Chomet’s animated The Illusionist where the title character, a magician styled after the late Jacques Tati (upon whose unproduced screenplay the film is based), stumbles into a movie theater where he is surprised to see a live action version of himself on screen. The film is Tati’s own Mon (read…)

Watercooler: True Grit’s a hit, Illusionist falls short (for me)

. The Coen Bros. at the Box Office Title Total Box Opening Box Theaters Opening Day No Country for Old Men $74,283,625 $1,226,333 28 11/9/2007 Burn After Reading $60,355,347 $19,128,001 2,651 9/12/2008 O Brother, Where Art Thou? $45,512,588 $195,104 5 12/22/2000 The Ladykillers $39,799,191 $12,634,563 1,583 3/26/2004 True Grit* $36,068,000 $24,850,000 3,047 12/22/2010 Intolerable Cruelty (read…)

Merry (NSFW) Christmas from Living in Cinema and Bad Santa

. (Later that same night…) . Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.

New on Netflix Instant: Time Bandits, Withnail and I, Something Wild, Meet Me in St. Louis and more

This is ordinarily a Saturday feature, but since tomorrow is a little worldwide celebration of the birth of consumerism, I decided to kick it off a day early. There are a bunch of new titles that have been added to Netflix’s streaming roster in the last week including a couple of recent releases, a couple (read…)

DVD Pipeline: George Clooney is The American

I skipped the DVD Pipeline again last week for lack of anything to get excited about, but in retrospect Fatih Akin’s Soul Kitchen deserved a shout out. Easy A starring Emma Stone is probably also worth a look, though honestly I haven’t seen it yet myself. Anyway, those two titles (which came out on 12/21) (read…)

A Darth Vader Christmas

Heh, heh. “Brown snuggie.” via: SlashFilm

Holiday Forecast: Coens’ show True Grit, Coppola shines with Somewhere

There are a bevy of interesting releases this holiday weekend, but most of them are rolling out today instead of Friday. As a result, I’m running Ye Olde Forecast a couple of days early. The movies that are opening on Friday or Saturday are so noted. In addition to what you see below, Black Swan (read…)

Secret Sunshine (2010)

(Note: I originally saw Secret Sunshine at AFI Fest in 2007 and this review is a slightly reworked version of what I wrote at the time. The film is now playing on IFC On Demand and it opens at New York’s IFC Center on December 24) Sometimes the great thing about foreign films is that, (read…)

Matt Zoller Seitz looks back at 2010 in movies

There are 51 films showcased in this 10 minute video essay (now after the jump until I can figure out how to turn off autoplay) including the one that plays over the closing credits. With a few exceptions, most are of the arthouse variety. See how many you can name. I missed 4 total – (read…)

A Very TRON 1982 Christmas: You’ve never processed so much joy data!

Thanks to Joel for the heads up.

Trailer: Saoirse Ronan is teen assassin ‘Hanna’

Joe Wright breaks out of his stuffy Keira Knightley-starring period romance phase with Hanna starring Saoirse Ronan as a teen assassin. Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollander and Olivia Williams co-star. Hanna opens April 8, 2011.

2010 indieWIRE Critics Survey: The Social Network

Here’s the indieWIRE Top 10 and other awards with each pick’s total score and number of mentions. You can see the full list here. Note that The Prince of Broadway only received one more point than The Expendables and then ask yourself: “What’s wrong with this list?” The Social Network (466/71) Carlos (360/50) Winter’s Bone (read…)

Somewhere (2010)

The placidly paced Somewhere is sure to provide plenty of ammunition for Sofia Coppola’s detractors and it’s likely even to try the patience of some of her most ardent fans. Shorn of adornment in favor of a minimalist approach that lets the quiet, simple emotion of the piece seep through. Though it’s thematically similar in many ways to Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette, it’s a less flowery, more honest and more confident film.

The Social Network adds Satellite Awards to its treasure chest

I still don’t know who the International Press Academy are, but this year they made some interesting choices for their Satellite Awards. I don’t think I even posted this year’s nominees, but here are the winners in the movie categories: Motion Picture, Drama: The Social Network Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: Scott Pilgrim vs. The (read…)

Watercooler: Black Swan stays strong, The Fighter does OK, How Do You Know bombs. Also: catching up with movies I’ve missed

Black Swan is an art house hit. Can it cross over? With an estimated $12.2 million, The Fighter (review) performed respectably at the box office after jumping from 4 screens to 2,503 this weekend. That’s hardly the feel good breakout film the advertising so desperately wants you to believe it is or the kind I (read…)

Now streaming on Netflix: A Prophet, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Joan Rivers and Blake Edwards

One of my favorite ways to watch movies lately is to stream them through Netflix. It’s especially great if you have a Netflix capable device attached to your TV so you can be unchained from your computer. The service isn’t perfect, they don’t stream everything, but the list of available films grows every week. Here’s (read…)

Carlos tops Film Comment’s Top 50 of 2010

Here is the best of 2010 according to Film Comment. Of their top 10, the only 2 I didn’t much care for were Wild Grass and Everyone Else, but I know critics went bat shit crazy for them so I’m not going to squeal about it. Of the rest, there are about 15 I haven’t (read…)

Weekend Forecast: Rabbit Hole goes limited, Black Swan goes wide

Except for the limited open of Nicole Kidman’s Rabbit Hole (**** 1/2), which is excellent, it’s a pretty tepid weekend for movies. Luckily for most of you, Black Swan (****) is making a major expansion from around 90 screens to over 950. Also of note, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale are going wide in The Fighter (** 1/2)

Casino Jack (2010)

An unfocused, ill-advised dud that wants to be some kind of breezy satire, but is as subtle as Frankenstein’s monster doing a tap dance and not as funny.

Blake Edwards, Director: 1922 – 2010

That’s not Mary Poppins: Julie Andrews getting ready for her big scene in Blake Edwards’ S.O.B. Director Blake Edwards died this morning at age 88. Over the course of his 50 plus year career in features, he directed the best and the worst – from classics like A Shot in the Dark (1964) to ill-conceived (read…)

2010 SAG Nominees

Here are the movie nominees for the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. For a complete list including television nominees, check out the SAG website. Ensemble: Black Swan The Fighter The Kids Are All Right The King’s Speech The Social Network Actor: Jeff Bridges, True Grit Robert Duvall, Get Low Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network (read…)

Cahiers picks the ten best of 2010

Cahiers du Cinema rolls out their picks for the best of 2010 in France: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Apichatpong Weerasethakul Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Werner Herzog Film Socialisme, Jean-Luc Godard Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson A Serious Man, Joel & Ethan Coen To (read…)

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