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Scorsese to tackle The Five Obstructions with von Trier
A followup to the film of the same title Lars von Trier made in 2003 with Jorgen Leth remaking his 1967 short film The Perfect Human five times, each with a different restriction suggested by von Trier.  (10:30 pm) (Variety)

Yet another Tree of Life clip
(8:30 pm) (Movieline)

Alamo Drafthouse plans The ABCs of Death
26 chapters. 26 filmmakers. 26 ways to kill. Variety describes it: “Each director will be assigned a letter from the alphabet that represents a word to act as a springboard for a short. It will be up to each filmmaker to interpret, from accidental deaths to murders committed in cold blood.” Tim League promises “more jaw-dropping moments than a whole summer of blockbusters.”  (8:10 pm) (Variety)

Pam Grier and Brigitte Nielsen to Skinny Dip with Sasha Grey and Danny Trejo
It’s a comic exploitation flick of the kind that gets a poster and a tagline (“They took her bikini. They took her virginity. She took her revenge.”) before the picture gets made. (8:05 pm) (THR)

Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen will be Very Good Girls
…who graduate from high school, decide to lose their virginity and wind up fighting over the same guy. Peter Sarsgaard, Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek co-star. (8:00 pm) (indieWIRE)

Andrew Niccol chosen to direct adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s The Host
You may recall Saoirse Ronan will be the star. (3:30 pm) (Deadline)

Lindsay Lohan “possibly” out of Gotti. Again.
So says director Barry Levinson. Sounds to me like he’s waffling a little bit on a subject that probably isn’t eating much of his time as production ramps up on the movie. Don’t be surprised if she’s back in in a couple days. (3:25 pm) (Wrap)

FilmDistrict near deal for Arabian Nights
Liam Hemsworth (Brother of Thor) will star in the $60 million action pic. (3:20 pm) (Deadline)

How does a doc about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s attempt to film Dune sound?
Sounds good to me. The Chilean director was involved in a project in the 1970s that involved H.R. Giger, Dan O’Bannon, Jean Giraud and Chris Foss, all names that will be familiar to sci-fi movie aficionados. Directed by Frank Pavich, the film will be called Jodorowsky’s Dune. (3:20 pm) (THR)

Cillian Murphy, Sylvie Testud, Michael Gambon  “in advanced negotiations” for Wayfaring Strangers
Described as a psychological drama-thriller, it’s about a group of Brit paratroopers who are captured during WWII and held at a farmhouse where a Jewish couple is hiding. (3:15 pm) (Variety)

Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton lined up for indie comedy Gently Down the Stream
In addition to the two Godfather stars, Katherine Heigl and Amanda Seyfried are on board. Here’s Variety’s synposis: “De Niro and Keaton play a long-divorced couple who, for the sake of their adopted son’s wedding and his biological mother, pretend they are still married. They quickly learn that acting the part isn’t easy, especially when their past, present and future unravel for all to see.” From the writer/director of The Bucket List.  (3:00 pm) (Variety)

Amber Heard to star in indie flick Syrup
It’s based on Max Barry’s debut novel and co-stars Shiloh Fernandez. (3:00 pm) (Playlist)

Rob Lowe joins Knife Fight
I wonder if he’s bringing a gun. (2:50 pm) (Deadline)

Samuel L. Jackson’s indie thriller The Samaritan gets a buyer
(2:50 pm) (THR)

Scott Rudin options The Terrorist Search Engine, eyes Jesse Eisenberg
It’s a New York Magazine profile of counterterrorism expert witness Evan Kohlman (11:50 am) (Vulture)

Zoe Saldana and Dennis Quaid join Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons in The Words
(11:45 am) (The Playlist)

(above) Cannes Trailer: The Artist
This is the silent romantic comedy I told you about Tuesday from the director of the OSS 117 movies Michael Hazanavicius and featuring OSS 117 stars Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo. (11:40 am) (The Playlist)

Great cast lines up for Martin McDonagh’s black comedy Seven Psychopaths
Colin Farrell (who also starred in McDonagh’s In Bruges), Sam Rockwell, Micky Rourke and Christopher Walken sound pretty good to me. A struggling screenwriter (Farrell) gets wrapped up in a dog-napping scheme and some dangerous gangsters with a missing dog. (11:30 am) (Variety)

Jim Broadbent and Susan Sarandon “in advanced negotiations” for Cloud Atlas
The Tykwer/Wachowski co-effort just keeps getting more and more interesting (11:20 am) (Variety)

Tim Robbins joins Mark Ruffalo in Thanks for Sharing
It’s the directorial debut of Kids Are All Right screenwriter Stuart Blumberg and it’s about a recovering sex addict. (11:10 am) (THR)

Jack Black joins Michael Winterbottom’s comedy Bailout
Based on The Financial Lives of Poets by Jess Walter, it tells the story of a down-and-outer who is given a ray of hope by two strangers with an unusual business opportunity. (11:05 am) (Variety)

FilmDistrict grabs romantic comedy Playing the Field
Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Judy Greer, Dennis Quaid, Uma Thurman and Chatherine Zeta-Jones co-star in the film that Variety says “centers on the homecoming of a retired soccer pro whose glory days are behind him. He moves back to Virginia to reconnect with his estranged ex-wife and neglected son and starts to coach the boys’ soccer team.” (11:00 am) (Variety)

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  1. if anyone wants to read the “Cloud Atlas” script I’ve got it. on script level I’d say it’s the very best thing I’ve read since PTA’s first draft of “TWBB”. It’s incredible stuff, and I’m more than a little surprised a studio financed something so ambitious. Kudos to the Wachowskis and Tykwer for getting this thing going. Can’t say if it’s faithful to the novel or not (haven’t read it), but as a script it’s all sorts of awesome.

  2. Would love to read it if you want to send it my way:

    craig (at)

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