Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear in Salvation Boulevard

It’s your daily dose of movie headlines, updated as needed.

Minority Report screenwriter to write Columbia’s Houdini pic
His name is Scott Frank. (THR)

Stephen Dorff replaces Matt Dillon, Ray Winston added to indie Boot Tracks
They’ll be joining Michelle Monaghan on the revenge picture about an ex-con who joins up with a former porn star to right old wrongs. (Variety – firewall)

Ron Howard: “Dark Tower is moving forward… We’re thinking of starting in early spring now.”
Doesn’t know if Javier Bardem will be in it, but the actor is interested. (EW)

Sony picks up Kathryn Bigelow’s hunt for Bin Laden movie
The film is currently being rewritten to account for the fact we shot the mass killing asshole in the face and dumped his lifeless body in the drink. Oh I’m sorry, was that a spoiler? Other Bin Laden pics reportedly in the works with names like Oliver Stone and George Clooney optimistically looming over them. (Wrap)

Todd Phillips administers a David Poland beatdown
The Hangover director comes out swinging in an interview conducted by David Poland. The funniest part of the whole interview though is that if Poland actually once said Land of the Lost is a better movie than The Hangover, he’s right. (Thompson on Hollywood)

Cary Fukunaga to direct Civil War heist pic No Blood, No Guts, No Glory
Focus Features liked the job Fukunaga did on Jane Eyre so much (I did too), they’ve rehired him to tackle the 2009 Black Listed script described as a Dirty Dozen type pic set during the Civil War. According to Variety, it tells the story of “20 Union soldiers in disguise who board a train in Georgia in order to pull off a heist that could bring a quick end to the Civil War.” I like period flicks. I like heist flicks. I like war flicks. Not seeing anything to dislike here. (Variety – firewall)

Matt Reeves to direct adaptation of Frankenstein novel This Dark Endeavor

Richard Jenkins joins Elizabeth Olsen in Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts
You may know Josh from TVs How I Met Your Mother. Or you may not. (Playlist via Variety firewall)

Brothers Grimm: Snow White moves up to March 16
You may recall this bit of silliness with the dueling Snow White pictures jockeying for the earliest release date. Well it’s Relativity’s turn and they go from June 29 to March 16 beating Snow White and the Huntsman’s June 1 date by several weeks. (THR)

You can start calling John Carter of Mars simply John Carter now
Love it when studios go for the most boring titles possible (ComingSoon)

(above) Trailer: Salvation Boulevard
A promising cast including Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei, Jim Gaffigan and Ed Harris liven up the prospects for this indie comedy. It opens July 15 from IFC.

Once director John Carney tackles ghost story The Rafters

Tahar Rahim re-teams with A Prophet co-star Niels Arestrup
Two of your finer performances in 2010 came from these two guys and they’re back together in Aimer a Perdre la Raison. (Playlist)

Trailer: Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle in The Guard
Surveyed the reviews of this action comedy at Sundance earlier this year. (Twitch)

The dictionary has a new definition of irony today
The Vice Minister of Culture from the Jafar Panahi banishing country of Iran criticized the Cannes Film Festival for declaring Lars von Trier “persona non grata.” Glad to know those assholes are finally embracing the principles of artistic freedom. Oh wait, no they’re not. (Deadline)

Another day, another raft of Hunger Games casting notices
Toby Jones and Lenny Kravitz

And another day another zombie movie
Canada jumps on the zom-com bandwagon with A Little Bit Zombie. (THR)

Trailer: Kevin James is The Zookeeper
If you’ve been laughing all day long and just can’t stop, watch this trailer and you will be bathed in blissful laugh free silence. I may never laugh again. (THR)

3 Responses to “News du jour: 5/24/11”

  1. No, wait! There’s still time to whittle down the title to CARTER! Or perhaps even C! Marketing department stooges gotta eat too!

    Oh, and look at that- it’s a MATADOR reunion, with Brosnan and Kinnear teaming up again. Too bad they couldn’t get Hope Davis too.

  2. That Civil War heist pic sounds interesting. It’ll be a nice change of pace to see a movie that has the Union playing face and the Confederacy as the heel.

  3. They could call it JC, but that would confuse a segment of the Christian audience methinks.

    Bob, I have to admit something about the Civil War pic grabbed me. It’s a timeworn trope, but it’s a good one and it could be fun in that era.

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