Red Band Trailer: David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I don’t expect much will be happening this weekend news-wise, but if it does, I’ll post it here:

Badlands: an oral history
GQ has spoken to a pile involved in the making of Terrence Malick’s first movie Badlands and dug up old interviews with the man himself. It’s an interesting if fractured and impressionistic read. My favorite bit is Martin Sheen describing the moment he got the part of Kit: “Terry [Malick] called one night and said, ‘I want you to play the part.’ I had to get up very early the next morning to go to work, and I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in a little Mazda. I was listening to a Dylan album I was fond of, and the song ‘Desolation Row’ was playing, and the sun was rising, and it hit me that I was going to play the role of my life. I had been a professional actor since I was eighteen. I was thirty-one, I had four children, I was struggling, doing a lot of television—a lot of bad, silly work just to make ends meet—and I wasn’t having any luck in features to speak of, and here was the part of my life. And I was overwhelmed, and I pulled off to the side of the road, and I wept uncontrollably.” (GQ)

Poland wonders if the pirated Tattoo red band (above) is actually pirated
Or some elaborate studio game. Some have been pulled off of YouTube and some haven’t. The posters of the ones still standing haven’t posted any other videos, etc. I think the real question you have to ask is how the studio could possibly gain from pretending these trailers are somehow illicit. They’d be better off tossing up a real high quality version, no? (MovieCityNews)

(above) Red Band Trailer: David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I hate pirated trailers, but I actually wasted my time with Hangover Part II this morning in order to see this and it didn’t even play. I’m surprised this one is still available, so enjoy it while you can. I don’t know. It’s surprising how much it feels like the original Swedish version with the edition of a fairly blistering Karen O/Trent Reznor rendition of Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song. (YouTube)

Is Terrence Malick ready to roll on another film this summer?
24 Frames spoke to some folks involved in Malick’s post-Tree of Life picture, the as-yet untitled romance starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams (insider types describe it as “even more experimental” than Tree), and they revealed that Malick has suggested to his production team that they should “keep the summer and fall open for a possible shoot of yet another film.”

Alice Braga joins Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

Hunger Games gets a new script
I guess it’s newsy that the Hunger Games script has been replaced by one written by director Gary Ross and novelist Suzanne Collins (Wrap). The casting of people I don’t know in roles I’m not familiar with is not. (THR)

Dumb question department
THR divines just how Bridesmaids was able to get Wilson Phillips back together. Yeah, because they were all so busy. And then they can’t let the von Trier “Nazi” comments go by asking if anyone will work with the guy again. No, seriously.


9 Responses to “News du Jour: Memorial Day Weekend edition”

  1. While I assume that Fincher’s version will be pretty similar to the Swedish film (I doubt the script will deviate too much), that trailer is as successful as the teasers for Social Network were. I’m going to see the movie anyway, because it’s Fincher and Daniel Craig, but I’m way more interested now than I was yesterday.

    And, so, Craig….Hangover, Part II? Thoughts?

  2. Hangover II: super boring. Laugh-free, though about a third of the audience I saw it with seemed to think it was pretty funny so what do I know?

  3. Well, a third isn’t too dominant, especially for such a massively successful sequel. If it was everyone, then maybe I could see feeling lost among the crowd. Either way, I’ll be waiting for either Netflix or HBO to watch this one. I will be one of the few males aged 18-34 willing to do so, though.

  4. It was odd because among that 1/3 I’m not even exactly sure what they were laughing at. There was one bit with the monkey and the buddhist monk that was worth a chuckle, but it was in the original red band trailer (though they took it out because they’re chickenshits and people complained)

    The rest was like watching a sitcom you’ve never seen before with a bunch of people who have loved it for years. A character walks in a door and people laugh out of habit and you just scratch your head.

    Still, you’ve really go tto take my opinion with a grain of salt since I didn’t like the first one.

  5. “There was one bit with the monkeys and the buddhist monk that was worth a chuckle”

    Monkey antics always have a way of finding your funny bone.

    I have mixed feelings about the Tattoo remake. I liked the first film and really thought Noomi Rapace was spot-on as Lisbeth. Then again, I can’t believe Fincher would remake such a recent film if it didn’t stir his creative juices and make for an interesting alternative take. The trailer had me thinking both Se7en and Kubrick.

  6. Yeah, I wasn’t begging for them to redo this movie, but at this point I’m thinking of it less as a remake than as a Fincher film. I’m just going to try and forget about the other one and enjoy this one on its own terms.

  7. I didn’t like the Swedish version much at all, so I’m completely down for a Fincher version. This one looks promising. Noomi Rapace to me was all wrong for the part; I only watched the first film because I kept cringing when she was on screen. Not her acting, just her look. She looked way too old for the part to me, much older than her actual age and I just couldn’t buy her as Salander. I also had some big problems with the script. I realize I’m very much the minority opinion in this, but there it is.

  8. I hope that the remake/reprise works better for you Jen.

  9. I didn’t read the book (what with me being illiterate at all) and didn’t know anything about the movie until I saw it. I thought it was a terrific mix of old fashioned mystery and modern mystery. Thought the cast was fantastic. Never did see the sequels though.

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