Tinker, Tailor, News du Jour, Spy

Trailer: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy News, nuggets and notables, updated throughout the day: Prometheus plot details possibly leaked It could be real, it could be a hoax, but io9 got a hold of what they were told is a detailed plot synopsis of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien flick and they were not impressed. I didn’t (read…)

DVD Pipeline: From the best to the worst

Next week’s DVD picks run the gamut from the sublime to the worthless. You can decide for yourself which is which. Please note that a new California law forcing Amazon to charge California residents California state sales tax has led Amazon to terminate their contracts with Amazon Associates who are based in California. Apparently if (read…)

Love Etc. (2011)

Love Etc. is a charming, observational documentary about love as seen through the perspective of a wide ranging assortment of people living in and around New York City. Albert and Marion, are a Canarsie couple who’ve been happily married for 48 years. Over in Jamaica, Queens, Chitra and Mahendran navigate a two-year engagement leading up (read…)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

I could’ve lived a long and happy life without about an hour of stupid plot and bullshit Transformers™ mythology, but once it finally wound itself up, I have to admit Transformers: Dark of the Moon was as enjoyable an exercise in the spectacle of destruction as you could expect from a Hasbro toy commercial. If (read…)

News du Jour: Spielberg’s “War Horse”

Trailer: Steven Spielberg’s War Horse Your daily dose of news, nuggets and notables updated throughout the day: Bryan Cranston is en fuego. Joins The Gangster Squad As little as I ultimately thought of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive (review), it at least appears to have helped launch Bryan Cranston from kicking ass on the tube to (read…)

Don’t Be Afraid of the News du Jour: 6/28/11

Clip: Guillermo del Toro presents Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (more below) Updated throughout the day: Official US Trailer: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol Whether you missed the French bootleg earlier or not, here’s an official version of the same thing now in the Queen’s English. (Yahoo) Ridley Scott teases CineEurope with some not (read…)

Today on DVD: Barney’s Version

Today’s new release DVDs consist of an unwieldy and imperfect literary adaptation that I liked anyway and some sci-fi/action junk food with plenty of problems but an admirable enthusiasm for spectacle. Be sure to check out the LiC DVD shelf for a list of 115 DVD recommendations going back to 2009. Barney’s Version (****). This (read…)

News du Jour: Brave new world

Teaser: Pixar’s Brave Here’s the what, updated throughout the day: Frankenstein pic Wake the Dead gets rolling with Haley Joel Osment Adapted from Steven Niles graphic novel about a college-aged Victor Frankenstein, this is one of a half dozen or so planned films based upon or inspired by Mary Shelley’s oft-filmed bit of gothic horror. (read…)

Paris rules

However you want to measure it, Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (review) is a significant hit. Critically, its 81 Metacritic score is the director’s best since Hannah and Her Sisters’ 90 and it’s the 3rd best overall (Manhattan’s got an 82). If Rotten Tomatoes is the measurement you prefer, Midnight in Paris has a 92% (read…)

News du jour: Weekend edition 6/25 – 6/26

News, nuggets and notables, updated all weekend long if and when necessary: (above) Bootlegged French trailer for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol It’s in French and it’s captured on someone’s smart phone, but at least this particular upload doesn’t make you watch an advertisement first. Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton star. (read…)

LAFF 2011: Attack the Block (2011)

The tough residents of a south London flat block fight off a batch of nasty alien invaders in this entertaining low-budget sci-fi throw back to stripped down action pictures like John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13. Truth be told, I didn’t expect much from this SXSW favorite. I assumed it would be another one of (read…)

News du jour: RIP Peter Falk

Peter Falk in Murder by Death In honor of Peter Falk, today’s new news items (assuming there is anything worth passing along) will be added below the top post. Peter Falk: 1927 – 2011 Yeah, he was Columbo, but he was magic in Wings of Desire not to mention the work he did with John (read…)

Weekend Forecast: The dog days of summer

LiC’s pick of the week: Leap Year (Ano bisiesto) It’s getting hotter outside, but not in the multiplexes. If you live in New York and you like quiet, challenging foreign films that probe the human condition, please seek out Leap Year. In wide release there’s a feature length Pixar toy ad. Other than that, it’s (read…)

News du Jour rocks you like a hurricane

Trailer: Statham, Owen, De Niro and The Scorpions in The Killer Elite All the news that fits, updated throughout the day: In case you need another Captain America: The First Avenger trailer Yahoo is happy to hook  you up. Actually, it looks better than any of the other superhero movies so far this summer, but (read…)

LAFF 2011: L!fe Happens (2011)

Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth in the LAFF world premiere L!fe Happens Making its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday night, Kat Coiro’s indie comedy L!fe Happens revolves around the ups and downs of three LA roommates: Deena the independent, career-minded writer who launches a successful advice/lifestyle column aimed at women; (read…)

News du Jour: 6/22/11

Poster: Pixar’s Brave. Coming June 22, 2012 Larger version at EW News, nuggets and notables updated throughout the day: Warren Beatty’s mystery project revealed: he’s going to direct himself as Howard Hughes Something about a late life affair the crazy rich dude had. No other details are known though word has it he’s meeting with (read…)

News du Jour: A Dangerous Method

Trailer: David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method Jean Claude Van Damme lined up for action flick Six Bullets He’ll play a former mercenary tracking a missing girl. And why the hell not? Stallone’s still doing it and people are still paying for it. (Variety – firewall) Snow White and the Huntsman adds more giants as dwarves (read…)

Today’s DVDs: The winning comedy Cedar Rapids

The highlight of today’s new release DVDs is a surprisingly good comedy that came out in February and was widely ignored by audiences. Cedar Rapids suffers by not being easily categorized. It sounds like it’s going to be another debauched boy comedy, but it’s not really that at all. It’s better. If Cedar Rapids still (read…)

News du Jour: 6/20/11

Disney’s working overtime to make sure you’re aware of The Muppets Ian McShane joins Snow White and the Huntsman I can’t believe they’re making Al Swearengen play a friggin’ dwarf. Deadwood was just a great show. Right up there with The Wire and Breaking Bad. Anyway, this is the one with Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron (read…)

2011 LA Film Fest Edition

Greetings from opening weekend of the Los Angeles Film Festival. This is the second year the festival has taken place downtown at the LA Live complex across the street from where the Lakers play. I’m not crazy about the commute or the convention center atmosphere, but there’s a definite energy in the air and a (read…)

LAFF 2011: Drive (2011)

(Update: On the occasion of Drive’s theatrical release, I have reworked and updated this review here.) (Update #2: Having seen the film a second time and having had some time to more fully consider it, I have to admit that Drive is a much better film than I give it credit for in these two (read…)

Trailer: Family Tree

  I’m swallowed up by the LA Film Festival again today. Got a late start, hit traffic, had to have popcorn and coke for breakfast and haven’t had a moment to grab some wi-fi to write about what I’ve seen so far. I did see Ryan Gosling in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive last night which (read…)

News du Jour: 6/17/11

This edition of News du Jour is a bit late to be of much use. There simply wasn’t much going on earlier in the day and my evening hours were taken up by the LA Film Festival. More about that later. Here are the day’s news, nuggets and notables: Michael Chambon slumming for Disney. Will (read…)

Weekend Forecast: “My name is Buck and I like to… train horses”

LiC’s pick of the week: Buck LiC’s pick of the week is the terrific documentary Buck (review), but only if you live in Los Angeles or New York. Also, Los Angelinos will want to seek out the harrowing City of Life and Death which finally opens here. If you live elsewhere, Tree of Life (review) (read…)

Buck (2011)

Buck: A man and his horses Well, here’s a lovely little documentary surprise. Buck didn’t exactly fly in under the radar, it won the Audience Documentary Award at Sundance earlier this year, but documentaries sometimes have a hard time grabbing peoples’ attention. That goes double for a documentary like Buck which is as gentle and (read…)

News du Jour: 6/16/11

Trailer: Brad Pitt in Moneyball Animal Kingdom star Ben Mendelsohn finds The Place Beyond the Pines This is the motorcycle racer turned bank robber flick with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine). Mendelsohn played the creepy and dangerously unpredictable Pope in the terrific Animal Kingdom.  (Variety – firewall) Luke Evans (read…)

News du Jour: Silencio!

Silencio News, nuggets and notables, hand crafted from the finest pre-stressed double-knit headlines and brought to you throughout the day. Newest items float to the top. Simon Kinberg to write script for McG’s Ouija board movie The writer-turned-producer wrote Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Sherlock Holmes and X-Men: The Last Stand. McG of course most recently (read…)

News du Jour: Super Cranky Edition

Trailer: Bellflower News, nuggets and notables. Updated throughout the day. As always, newer items will show up at the top of the list. Straw Dogs remake gets a poster remake Rod Lurie is most definitely not shying away from having people compare his film to Sam Peckinpah’s original starring Dustin Hoffman. I smell trouble. As (read…)

News du Jour: 6/13/11

Poster: Bellflower Click to enlarge Bergman cinematographer Gunnar Fischer dead at 100 Monika, Smiles of a Summer Night, The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries. (NY Times) Josh Stewart (TV’s The Collector) joins The Dark Knight Rises …but no one will say who or what he’s playing so let’s just move on, shall we? (Variety – firewall) (read…)

The Summer so far

It’s been an interesting summer movie season so far. For the most part, the big tent pole crowd pleasers have been mediocre at best and there’s hasn’t been a buzzy, must-see movie like we got with Inception last year. Super 8 comes awfully close, but I think it was less a big summer movie than (read…)

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