This edition of News du Jour is a bit late to be of much use. There simply wasn’t much going on earlier in the day and my evening hours were taken up by the LA Film Festival. More about that later. Here are the day’s news, nuggets and notables:

Michael Chambon slumming for Disney. Will write Magic Kingdom

Red Band trailer: Conan the Barbarian
“When a barbarian feels thirst, it is a thirst for blood.” Well, barbarians ought to get a kick out of this especially bloody red band trailer then. I sort of assumed this thing would wind up PG-13, but it looks like I was wrong. Also, I have to admit seeing Conan reduced to its component parts, it might be fun. (YouTube)

First photo: Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages
If you’ve been keeping up with News du Jour you know I’m deeply skeptical about this musical adaptation and this pic doesn’t help (Variety)

Red Band trailer for 30 Minutes or Less
A teeny bit funnier than the original green band trailer, but what kind of a world do we live in that we have to enter our birth dates just to watch people saying “fuck” and “cock”? Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride (whose 30 minutes are up if you ask me) star. From the director of the inexplicably very popular but mostly terrible Zombieland. (Deadline)

Gotti: Three Generations gets an even more TV movie-sounding title
Prepare yourself for Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. (EW)

Jason Reitman plays script doctor with Steve Carell’s magician comedy Burt Wonderstone
No word if it’s a polish or a complete rewrite or what. (THR)

There could be a 6-hour cut of The Tree of Life
Sometimes I just wish Terrence Malick would make a movie, release it and then move on. This endless going back and tinkering thing is a little tiresome. Having said that, I’d pay to see what he does with 6 hours. Would it be a better film or just different? (FilmStage)

3 Responses to “News du Jour: 6/17/11”

  1. It looks like your Variety link for shirtless Tom Cruise is redirecting to LIC. Anyway, I found the pic and it looks kinda miserable, like he’s doing a Neil Diamond/Tom Jones take-off here. Regardless, if I have a torso like that when I’m nearing 50, I’d probably show it off too.

  2. Danny McBride = Not Funny

  3. Fixed the link Joel, thanks. That’s what I get for posting on the run.

    Picture or no picture, I’ve convinced myself Rock of Ages is going to blow, but then I’m totally unfamiliar with the broadway musical. I understand it has shitty early-mid 80s music like Foreigner in it. Bleh.

    Christian, I wanted to give McBride a chance. He showed a small amount of promise in Foot Fist Way, but everything has been variations on that same theme and I’m pretty much over it.

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