The highlight of today’s new release DVDs is a surprisingly good comedy that came out in February and was widely ignored by audiences. Cedar Rapids suffers by not being easily categorized. It sounds like it’s going to be another debauched boy comedy, but it’s not really that at all. It’s better.

If Cedar Rapids still doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, be sure to check out the LiC DVD Shelf for a pile of recommended DVDs going back to 2009. Recent releases are at the top and the rest follow alphabetically.

  • Cedar Rapids (****). The latest from Miguel Arteta (Chuck and Buck, Youth in Revolt) is not a Hangover style laugh riot, and thank god for that. Relying more on winning characters and an unexpectedly sweet nature, its modest pleasures sneak up on you rather than punch you in the face. Refreshing! Ed Helms gives a funny, straight-faced performance as a naive man-child who makes his first trip to the big city to attend an insurance convention. There his straight arrow nature is challenged by slob John C. Reilly and party girl Anne Heche. Think of it as a coming-of-age story about a man who doesn’t come of age until well into his 30s. Ed Helms is great and it’s nice to see Anne Heche take full advantage of an excellent role.
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  1. Ill be hard-pressed not to pick up CEDAR RAPIDS! It’s probably my favorite comedy of the year, and I well remember expressing agreement with your own appreciative review here.

  2. It sucks more people didn’t check it out, but hopefully they will now on DVD.

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