Peter Falk in Murder by Death

In honor of Peter Falk, today’s new news items (assuming there is anything worth passing along) will be added below the top post.

Peter Falk: 1927 – 2011
Yeah, he was Columbo, but he was magic in Wings of Desire not to mention the work he did with John Cassavetes (Husbands, A Woman Under the Influence), Murder by Death, …All the Marbles, The Princess Bride and Made. Falk died last night at his home in Beverly Hills.

Trailer: Found footage sci-fi horror Apollo 18
Is this fundamentally different from the one that came out in February before they started jockeying around with the release date? First it got bumped to January and now it’s set for September 2 (Yahoo)

Emma Stone turns down Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
This film just can not keep talent. There’s got to be something wrong with it, I mean besides the obvious in that the zombie thing is tapped out. (Deadline)

Robin Williams in negotiations to join De Niro and Keaton in comedy Gently Down the Stream
This is that one I mentioned back in May where Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton play a divorced couple who pretend they’re still married for their adopted son’s wedding to please his religious biological mother. Charm vacuum Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried and Susan Sarandon Co-star. Topher Grace was pegged for a role at one time, but there’s no mention of him. The sad thing about this Variety piece is that Robin Williams is referred to as “the License to Wed star.” I hope it’s because of the wedding theme of both films and not the fact it’s just been too goddamn long since anyone can remember a Robin Williams movie that was any good. (For the record, The World’s Greatest Dad was solid even if no one saw it.) (Variety – firewall)

Not really the first look: John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe in The Raven
I think an unofficial pic made the rounds several months ago (EW)

Lily Cole added to cast of Snow White and the Huntsman
She’s playing a character named Greta, which probably means something to you if you read the script. Former model Cole was a beautifully ethereal presence in Terry Gilliam’s wonderful but widely ignored and misunderstood The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Also added to the cast today is a fellow named Sam Spruell who was apparently in The Hurt Locker. (Variety – firewall)

Jennifer Lopez made official for ensemble spawn-com What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Further proof that there’s always more room for J.Lo (EW)

Black Swan screenwriter sells thriller script XOXO
Mark Heyman’s script tells the story of a Facebook relationship that turns stalkery. How modern. (LA Times)

3 Responses to “News du jour: RIP Peter Falk”

  1. I thought Falk was terrific in Aunt Julia and the Screenwriter too.

  2. Peter Falk was one of those talents that exuded a certain warmth and simple humanity that radiated beyond the roles he took on. That came through regardless of whether he was playing a cagey detective, a cynical con man, a wise and sarcastic grandfather, or a former angel. I will miss him.

  3. :(

    So sad about Peter Falk. Columbo was absolutely iconic but he was terrific in so many other things.

    Although you don’t specifically mention it I also loved him in The Cheap Detective.

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