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(above) Bootlegged French trailer for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
It’s in French and it’s captured on someone’s smart phone, but at least this particular upload doesn’t make you watch an advertisement first. Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton star. Brad Bird directs. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens in the US on December 16. (YouTube) [Update: Well, you missed it, though I’m sure if you really absolutely must see it, you’ll be able to find it somewhere. Otherwise, wait until Transformers 3 when the US version is supposed to play.]

Actual details emerge about upcoming Coen project
There was a minor internet tizzy last week over the non-news that the next Coen project would be music-related and performance based, but now the LA Times has gotten some real info from an unidentified and unauthorized source. The script takes place in and around the Greenwich Village folk scene with a story “loosely based” on the life of Dave van Ronk, aka The Mayor of MacDougal Street, the 1960s folk musician who befriended the likes of Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Joni Mitchell. (LA Times)

Steven Soderbergh to unveil Haywire at Comic-Con
That would be great if it didn’t mean having to go to Comic-Con (THR)

Law & Order: SVU star negotiating unspecified role in Man of Steel

Ray Liotta joins Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in A Place Beyond the Pines
He’ll play a corrupt cop in the film directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine). (Variety)

Robert Rodriguez tries to explain use of “Aromascope” on Spy Kids sequel
He tries, but I’m not buying. Seriously, Hollywood. Spend your energy and money making movies that don’t suck. (LA Times)

Warner Bros buys True North for Ed Helms
He’ll play a jerk of a travel show host who goes missing after a plane crash in India and is presumed dead. When he emerges from a coma two years later having undergone reconstructive facial surgery, he must return to his family and convince them he’s the same guy yet also a changed (and better) man. (Deadline)


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