Trailer: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Today is the birthday proper and I’ll be off on various and sundry birthday adventures so news posting will be a bit more sporadic than usual for a weekday, but I’m figuring the laws of gravity aren’t going to change and the world will still keep spinning happily on its axis.

Nevertheless, here are your new, nuggets and notables as I get a chance to updated them.

[Update: 6:45 pm PT from a bar in Santa Monica]

Thor to play Formula One racer in Rush
What the crap, is everyone making a movie about F1 racing now? For those of you who don’t like movies about 2nd rate Marvel superheroes, you might not be aware that Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth is Thor. Now you know. (Deadline)

New Bellflower Poster
Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Bob can suck it. Kidding Bob! Well, a little. (IMP Awards)

[Update: 2:oo pm PT]

Walton Goggins joins Spielberg’s Lincoln
If you haven’t enjoyed Goggins on Justified the last couple of seasons,  you’re missing out on some good shit. I’m just saying (Deadline)

[Update: 1:oo pm PT]

Michael Chiklis in negotiations for Parker
I always want to call him Michael Chiclets. (Deadline)

Spike Lee confirmed for Oldboy remake
So there’s that then. Good for Spike. Glad to see him getting behind the camera again. (THR)

Action has-been Arnold Schwarzenegger back on Kim Ji-woon’s western Last Stand
It’s the director’s English language debut. I loved The Good, The Bad, The Weird and I Saw the Devil, but I don’t ever need to see Schwarzenegger clodding his way through another movie ever again. Seriously. Beyond the nostalgia value of movies you liked before your brain finished forming, what’s the draw of this guy anymore? (Deadline)

Elizabeth Banks joins spawn-com What to Expect When You’re Expecting
I won’t hold it against her. (Wrap)

[Update: 9:45 am PT]

(above) Trailer: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
I’m still not convinced by this mocap animation business. They obviously spent a lot of time and effort on the characters’ eyes to make them not seem like pod people, but the figures still look rubbery and creepy. Nevertheless, the adventure aspects look kind of fun and it’ll be nice to see Spielberg wearing his entertainer hat again in a movie he’s invested in, unlike say Indy IV. (Playlist via Dark Horizons)

3 Responses to “News du Jour: Thank heaven for 7/11”

  1. I’m not big on remakes, but I do think spike lee can make a good old boy film. Or bring something very American to the story, especially if it’s set in NYC or something like that.

  2. also, that “Tin Tin” trailer isn’t half that bad. compare it to the teaser, which was pretty underwhelming. this looks more like an animated “indiana Jones” movie, doesn’t it? It feels more like an actual Spielberg film.

  3. Supposedly they plan to go back to the original graphic novel for the Oldboy redo, but they always say that now to avoid seeming like just another rehash. In this case I’m happy to issue the benefit of a doubt. The original film is it’s own iconic thing and to attempt to recreate it as it was would be silly.

    As for Tin Tin, the animated Indiana Jones feeling is what keeps me interested. I’m not keen about the look of it, but lots of it has that Spielberg flare that was hinted at in Indy 4 but ultimately swallowed up by lameness.

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