Here are the notable new releases coming Tuesday, July 19.

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  • Potiche (**** 1/2). Catherine Deneuve sparkles in this light comedy based on the original 1970s hit play. She plays a potiche, a trophy wife, who carves out her own piece of the feminist movement when she must take control of her father’s business after her philandering husband takes ill. It’s silly, but it’s sharp and funny. Deneuve is wonderful. Gerard Depardieu, Fabrice Luchini and Jeremie Renier co-star.
    (Opened: 3/25/11) Trailer / Review /Rent
  • Cracks (***). In her directorial debut, Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley) transplants Sheila Kohler’s 1999 novel about a girls’ boarding school in South Africa to England in the 1930s. Eva Green stars as glamorous teacher and student favorite Miss G. She rules through admiration until exotic Fiamma arrives from Spain and upsets the delicate balance of power. Cracks is a mostly successful slow burn that probes that gray area where girls become women while it quietly builds to a dramatic climax. Not a home run, but worth checking out especially now that Juno Temple (who is excellent here) is starting to turn up everywhere.
    (Opened: 3/18/11) Trailer / Rent

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