Trailer: Paranormal Activity 3

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[Update: 8:30 pm PT]

Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, Comic Yawn tease The Amazing Spider-Man, John Cusack’s Poe flick The Raven, and Brad Pitt in Moneyball.

Red Band Trailer: Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in Drive
For me this was one of the great disappointments of LAFF, though fanboys and critics seem to agree this movie is the shit. It just made me want to watch an old Walter Hill or Michael Mann movie. The trailer at IGN is preceded by a 30 second ad and this business of putting ads inside of ads for movies is particularly galling, so feel free to watch the YouTube version instead.

Fox Searchlight options comedy from Easy A writer
Screenwriter Bert Royal will also make his directorial debut with A Thousand Words or Less, a comedy revolving around an essay contest. Some putz from some ABC Family show is set to star (THR)

The rape and pillage of the ’80s continues with live-action Voltron
Because if the world ever needed a team of robot lions, the time is now. (THR)

Some more pseudo-details about Ridley Scott’s Alien flick Prometheus emerge from Comic Yawn
It’s “a more philosophically ambitious sci-fi project” says Damon Lindelof. More ambitious than what? Voltron? (EW)

Warner Bros. jumps on vampire gravy train with A Discovery of Witches
The debut novel from Deborah Harkness tells the story of a vampire, a witch, a manuscript and probably a lion, a wardrobe and the kitchen sink for good measure. Almost makes you nostalgic for the zombie glut, but that hasn’t exactly played out yet either. (Deadline)

[Update: 12:00 pm PT]

(above) Trailer: Paranormal Activity 3
It’s really more of the same as we go back to 1988 to see how the girls who were the subjects of 1 and 2 grew up and the “found footage” thrills are having diminishing returns, but I have to admit the “bloody Mary” thing is a nice touch. That game always freaked me out when I was a little kid. (Apple)

Samuel L. Jackson up for live-action Afro Samurai

First Look: Lily Collins in Tarsem Singh’s Snow White pic
Well, we already know thing is going to look great, but that’s only half the battle. (EW)

Trailer: Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts in thriller Dream House

[Update: 9:11 am PT]

Poster: Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion
We got a terrific trailer and now it’s matched by this simple yet doom-promising poster. I’ve been looking forward to Contagion all along just because it’s Soderbergh, but now that the what and the how of it are being revealed, I’m getting downright enthusiastic. (IMP Awards)

Teaser Poster: The Avengers
Just think, we only have to deal with Avengers hype for another year (IMP Awards)

Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods finally coming 4/13/12
Joss Whedon’s horror pic was once set for 2009 but wound up getting flushed down the MGM toilet as that once proud company made its epic nose dive into irrelevance. Perhaps spurred by star Chris Hemsworth whose name has a bit more cachet post-Thor, Lionsgate has snaked the drain and pulled it back out just in time for the next Friday the 13th.

Rumor: Jennifer Lawrence favored for David O. Russell/Mark Wahlberg’s The Silver Linings Playbook
Jenny Law is one of many actresses in line for the part as an eccentric neighbor of the lead character (an ex-teacher once institutionalized for depression now caring for his mother) and considering she’s favored for a lot of things right now, I wouldn’t put much stock in this report. On the other hand, you can probably expect a TODJA! from Deadline within the week. The thing is, I was hoping Russell would use his success with The Fighter to go back to doing the sort of quirky, personal projects he excels at rather than another lukewarm crowd pleaser which is what this adaptation of Matthew Quick’s novel sounds like. Still, after all the career problems Russell has been going through in the last few years, you can’t begrudge the guy and maybe it’ll turn out more interesting than appearances suggest. (Deadline)

Hilary Swank to be revolting on the planet Venus
…as the producer and star of an adaptation of the comic Shrapnel “about a former military officer who organizes a revolt on Venus” in the year 2250. (Variety)

New Line escapes from Escape From New York
That doesn’t mean this particular reboot is going away. If we’ve learned anything about reboots and sequels and prequels and remakes, it’s that you can’t kill them. (Deadline)

2 Responses to “News du Jour: 7/21/11”

  1. Hilary Swank to be revolting . . .

    How does a 2-time Oscar winner get any respect around here?

    (I’m still chuckling.)

  2. I feel bad for Hilary. Certain actresses seem to take more than their share of shit after they win Oscars. Same thing happened to Paltrow and to a lesser extent Jolie.

    Swank isn’t my favorite actress, but I kind of like her as a human being, at least the ordinary girl image she projects.

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