Trailer: Ludivine Sagnier and Kristin Scott Thomas in Love Crime

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[Update: 4:00 pm PT]

Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel join James McAvoy in Danny Boyle’s Trance
I was just talking this morning with someone about how I can’t recall Cassel ever being less than great in anything. (Deadline)

Polly Platt, writer/producer/production designer 1939 – 2011
Got her start with ex-husband on his films Targets, The Last Picture Show, What’s Up, Doc? and Paper Moon. Later worked with James L. Brooks and many others. She died this morning of complications from ALS at age 72. (Deadline)

Trailer: Kevin Smith’s foray into horror Red State
Melissa Leo, Michael Parks, John Goodman, Stephen Root and Michael Angarano co-star. Viewers were divided at Sundance, but then they’re always divided on Kevin Smith along lines that seem to have more to do with their feelings for the man personally than his movies. (Playlist)

SPC to release Lawrence Kasdan’s Darling Companion in 2012
Diane Keaton stars as a woman with grown children and a disinterested husband who takes comfort in a stray dog she finds. When the dog hoes missing in the wilds of the Rockies, the search “sparks an adventure no one anticipated.” Kevin Klein co-stars as Keaton’s husband. Also with Dianne Wiest, Sam Shepherd, Richard Jenkins, Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass and Ayelet Zurer. (THR)

[Update: 10:55 am PT]

Trailer: Mia Wasikowska in Gus Van Sant’s Restless
Reviews have been mixed-ish and release dates have been monkeyed with. It’s difficult to tell what to make of this one. It’s beautifully photographed but the story of a guy who loses Battleship to a Japanese ghost feels a little too precious to be endured. The twinkly trailer music doesn’t help. Wasikowska and Van Sant get the benefit of a doubt though. (Apple)

Poster: Ryan Gosling and George Clooney in The Ides of March
I like it. (EW)

[Update: 9:55 am PT]

Posters: Elle Fanning in Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt
Bloody! (Playlist)

Trailer: Battleship
No one says “You sank my battleship!” but it actually looks worse than you’d expect a movie inspired by a children’s game to look. (Yahoo)

Simon Pegg to star in comedy A Fantastic Fear of Everything
THR describes the low-budget British film thusly: “Pegg plays a children’s author-turned crime novelist whose research into the lives of Victorian serial killers turns him into a paranoid wreck, persecuted by the irrational fear of being murdered.” (THR)

(above) Trailer: Ludivine Sagnier and Kristin Scott Thomas in Love Crime
Great performances from Sagnier and Scott Thomas enhance this solid French thriller. Here’s the blurb: “When Christine, a powerful executive (Scott Thomas), brings on a naive young ingenue, Isabelle (Sagnier), as her assistant, she delights in toying with her naivete and teaching her hard lessons in a ruthless professional philosophy. But when the protege’s ideas become tempting enough for Christine to pass one as her own, she underestimates Isabelle’s ambition and cunning– and the ground is set for all out war. In this devilish, propulsive thriller, Corneau sets up a the scenery expertly and his actors devour it.” (Apple)

Trailer: New Years Eve
The people who foisted Valentine’s Day upon us not so long ago have assembled another high powered ensemble cast for a new holiday. Ugh. It makes me want to punch kittens in the face. (YouTube)

Ron Howard joins me in having nothing to do with 3rd Da Vinci book The Lost Symbol
Well, that’s one less reason not to see it I guess. (Deadline)

Nicolas Cage and John Cusack in talks to team up for serial killer flick The Frozen Ground
Based on the true story of Robert Hansen, an Alaskan serial killer who killed more than 24 women in half as many years by abducting them, transporting them to the wilderness and then tracking them down. Cage is up for the role of a state trooper… does that mean Cusack would play Hansen? (Deadline)

Emma Stone in talks for Gangster Squad

Joan Allen and Albert Finney return for The Bourne Legacy
There’s no Bourne but there’s a Landy and a Hirsch. Jeremy Renner will star in Tony Gilroy’s new pic set in the Bourne universe. (Variety)

Spanish Trailer: Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In
Still creepy. (ShockTilYouDrop)

Brian Helgeland to write Here There Be Monsters
The Oscar-winning LA Confidential screenwriter will tell the story of “Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones — except with sea monsters.” The studio wants Robert Zemeckis to direct. (Wrap)

Trailer: Happy Feet Two
For those of you who missed the first trailer, here’s another. (YouTube)

Trailer: Pearl Jam Twenty
Cameron Crowe directs this documentary about the band. (Apple)

 Trailer: Brighton Rock
Sam Riley, Andrea Riseborough, Helen Mirren and John Hurt star in Rowan Joffe’s adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel. (Apple)

Mimi Leder to re-adapt All Quiet on the Western Front
Just in case you’d forgotten war is terrible, the director of Deep Impact and The Peacemaker is here to remind you. (Deadline)

2 Responses to “News du Jour: 7/27/11”

  1. Looking forward to Trance. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Danny Boyle. Slumdog was very overrated in my personal opinion. But 127 Hours was terrific and I’d go as far to say it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. So his next one is of interest to me. especially with such a great cast in place.

    Normally, not a fan of horror as a genre but Twixt has quite a decent and bloody poster. Love Crime also looks promising. I’ll probably give both of these a shot..

    The poster of Ideas of March is superb. Very much looking forward to this one for some time now.

    I can’t belive that you dislike Ron Howard so much… What did the guy ever did to you?

    I’m a huge fan of All Quiet on the Western Front. One of my all time favorite films and I’m not very keen on seeing a remake of it. I can’t believe that they can add anything to it and frankly it could hardly be such a commercial success to be worth the effort. I’m kind of scared what will they do with this one…

  2. Piro. What did Ron Howard do to me? He did “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to me. A gigantic and beloved bite of my childhood, chewed up, swallowed and shit out all over the screen. It’s true, Howard made a couple of my favorite comedies in the ’80s: Night Shift and Splash, but there was a point where he got “serious” and Oscar hungry and he just became incredibly boring. He seems like a very nice fellow, but his “style” such as it is rubs me the wrong way.

    I didn’t think much of Slumdog either, but I’ve enjoyed Boyle’s other work (including 127 Hours) and this one sounds like it’s shaping up nicely.

    I don’t go crazy for horror either, but I’ll watch anything Coppola does until he gives me a reason not to.

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