DVD Pipeline Which Can Recall Its Past Lives

Here are the notable new release DVDs coming Tuesday, July 12. Note that these listings are always based on when a DVD is for sale. Since Netflix has agreements with several studios to delay availability of new release DVDs, the rent links may be jumping the gun in some cases. I’ve tried to note those (read…)

News du Jour: Live, local, late breaking. Like really late

Trailer: Mysteries of Lisbon I waited all day for something interesting to kick off the daily News du Jour column. And I waited. And waited. I’m still waiting, but it’s time to run with it as is. I’ll update again later if anything happens worth repeating. [Updated 6:50 pm] Giovanni Ribisi joins Gangster Squad Sean (read…)

News du Jour: 7/5/11

Trailer: The Myth of the American Sleepover So far, this is the definition of a slow news day. Nevertheless, here are today’s news, nuggets and notables updated throughout the day: Spike Lee rumored to be in talks to direct Oldboy remake He seems like an odd choice to redo Park Chan-wook’s revenge picture, but that (read…)

News du Jour: Happy Independence Day

The end of Anna Massey in Frenzy Anna Massey, Actress: 1937 – 2011 My experience with Ms. Massey, who has died of colon cancer at age 73, revolves mainly around Alfred Hitchcock’s underrated late-career effort Frenzy, but she was also in Peeping Tom, Bunny Lake is Missing, Angels and Insects, The Importance of Being Earnest, (read…)

Born on the 3rd of July

Yes, I know the weekend isn’t over for most Americans, but there’s no reason not to roll this thing out now. You can comment now or wait until tomorrow. It’ll be here either way. I caught up to Terri on Friday which was a terrific misfit coming of age story that avoided all the pitfalls (read…)

News du Jour weekend: 6/2 – 6/3

Trailer: Special Treatment Bridesmaids knocks off Sex and the City The category is box office performance of R-rated female comedies which is a stupid category and almost offensive in a way, but it gives me a glimmer of hope that Hollywood will wake up to the idea that female driven movies don’t have to suck. (read…)

News du Jour: 7/1/11

Trailer: Senna Joe Roth has trilogy plans for Snow White and the Huntsman Of course he does. (EW) Fox fights fake Prometheus synopsis with real one (CinemaBlend) (above) Trailer: Senna I like the use of Os Mutantes. Here’s the official blurb of the award winning film which recently played at the LA Film Fest: “Senna’s (read…)

Weekend Forecast: 4th of July Weekend

LiC’s pick of the week for the 2nd week in a row: Leap Year (Ano bisiesto) Here’s what’s opening in theaters around the country this weekend. Also check out the Now Playing page which has been newly pruned and amended: Love Etc. (*** 1/2). Love Etc. doesn’t break any new ground or offer any stunning (read…)

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