This is a bad, bad trailer for The Long, Long Trailer. It’s not exactly a film classic, but couldn’t Desi Arnaz have read his voiceover with a little bit of enthusiasm as though he wasn’t just reading a recipe for chocolate chip cookies?

Ah well, Lucy will always be best remembered for TV anyway.

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  1. I gotta say that even though Lucy is (rightfully) remembered for her television work, she gave some wonderful performances during her RKO years (a studio she subsequently bought!). And she co-starred in one of my favorite films of all time, “Stage Door.” Here’s to Ms. Ball!

  2. If you ask me, Marjorie Main was a little too interested in the “new wife”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Lucy was a pro. These days a lot of her material seems dated because of the lowbrow nature of the humor. Her TV series of the 1960s suffered from so-so writing.

    The best story I have to offer comes to us compliments of a friend of mine who, during a studio tour, broke off from the group and poked around. He entered an unmarked door and interrupted studio head Ball chewing out an underling at the top of her lungs in that deep (by then) voice of hers. They both looked up at my friend, startled, and stopped in their tracks ’til his quick exit. Needless to say, by then she was what Bette Davis termed “a rough customer.” In other words, she knew her business in defiance of the prevailing sexist attitudes of the time.

  4. I think her success on TV is a testament to that intelligence and strength of will as much as it was her marvelous sense of humor.

    Modes of comedy have changed over the years and her style of physical comedy is no longer in vogue, but goddamn she was funny. Even the scene in that not very good trailer above where she’s trying to cook eggs on an unlevel stove is laugh-making.

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