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Kenny Ortega to direct Dirty Dancing remake
Because nobody puts Baby in a corner, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to tap into affection for Dirty Dancing. Kenny Ortega was the original film’s choreographer and more recently the director of High School Musical. The original was one of those movie moments where all the right elements came together at the right time and it became a phenomenon. At this point, they’re just cashing in on nostalgia. (Variety)

Another trailer for Justin Timberlake’s sci-fi thriller In Time
Is it just me or are they doing multiple trailers for movies more often and at shorter intervals than before? We just saw a trailer for this three weeks ago (EW)

Russell Crowe joins Mark Wahlberg in Allen Hughes’ Broken City
This is the one reported a few weeks back based on the Black Listed script that has Wahlberg playing a private detective hired to investigate the mayor’s cheating wife. When the guy she was cheating with turns up dead, noir crap hits the fan including some dirty mayoral real estate dealing. Crowe will play the mayor. (Deadline)

French Trailer: Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly in Lynne Ramsay’s We Need to Talk About Kevin
Great reviews at Cannes. (Playlist)

Georgy Girl director Silvio Narizanno, 1927 – 2011

Clips: Werner Herzog’s prison doc Into the Abyss
(Playlist via TIFF)

David Cronenberg to direct adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s As She Climbed Across the Table
People whose taste in books I admire keep telling me I have to read Jonathan Lethem. Maybe it’s time I did. (Deadline)

Stacey Keach added to The Bourne Legacy
Here’s one of your more underrated and recently underused actors. (Variety – Firewall)

Takuo “Tak” Miyagishima, anamorphic lens design pioneer dead at 83
During his 50 years at Panavision, Miyagishima is credited with numerous award-winning designs including the special telephoto lens David Lean used for the iconic shot in Lawrence of Arabia showing Omar Sharif’s spectral emergence from the desert. Oh, and he designed the Panavision logo to boot. (THR)

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  1. You can’t question the publicists’ timing of trailer releases for a sci-fi movie about time, Craig. Somehow it’ll play into their master plan, I just know it.

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