John Sayles’ Phiippine-American War drama Amigo
  • Amigo. John Sayles rounds up Chris Cooper (Lone Star, Adaptation), Garrett Dillahunt (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, No Country For Old Men) and Filipino star Joel Torre for his story set during the little-remembered Philippine-American War around the turn of the 20th Century. Torre plays the mayor of a village occupied by U.S. troops who are hunting for guerilla fighters in the surrounding jungle. Echoes of Vietnam anyone? (Limited)
  • Mozart’s Sister. Hey, did you know Wolfgang had an older sister who was a musical prodigy in her own right? Apparently she was brushed aside in favor of her superstar little brother. This is her “re-imagined” story (Limited)
  • Fright Night. Welcome to Fright Night! The 1985 original with William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Roddy McDowall and Amanda Bearse was kind of great and I’m not sure why we needed to redo it, but here we are. On the brighter side, we’ve got a decent cast including Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation) as a suburban teen who suspects a vampire (the always terrific Colin Farrell) has moved in next door.  Entertaining David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Imogen Poots co-star. That’s all well and good if they can get the mix of humor and thrills just right, I guess. (Wide)

  • One Day. A romance between Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess told in snippets of one day a year over the course of 20 years. I can see how the gimmick might pay off well in David Nicholls’ best-selling novel, but it seems kind of contrived for a movie. Lone Scherfig (An Education) directs. (Wide)
  • Conan the Barbarian. I don’t care what anyone says. The original is not a classic. You were 10 when you saw it and you liked a lot of stupid crap when you were 10. Having said that, if you’re in the mood to see a muscular shirtless dude hacking people in half with a big old sword, this is probably your movie of choice this weekend. If your brain has finished forming on the other hand, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) takes over for Arnold Schwartzenegger. Stephen Lang (Avatar) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) co-star. (Wide)
  • Spy Kids: All the Time in The World. Again? Really? The main draw here is “Aroma-Scope” or maybe that’s the main deterrent. (Wide)
  • Atrocious. A Spanish Blair Witch type deal where police discover footage of the horrors that befall a vacationing family who were investigating a local legend. (Limited)
  • 5 Days of War. Wow, they’re still letting Renny Harlin make movies? Rupert Friend, Richard Coyle, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Heather Graham star in this ripped from the headlines thriller about a bunch of American journalists covering the 5-day war between Russia and the Georgian Republic. (Limited)
  • A Horrible Way to Die. A recovering alcoholic’s serial killer ex-boyfriend escapes from jail! Joe Swanberg plays her new beau. Some would argue that watching a Joe Swanberg movie (Hannah Takes the Stairs) is a horrible way to die.  (NY)
  • Flypaper. Patrick Dempsey (ugh) and Ashley Judd get caught between two gangs of crooks attempting to rob the same bank. When the bank locks down for the night, “a hilarious game of cat and mouse ensues as Tripp and Kaitlin try to save the day, escape being killed, and avoid falling in love…almost.”  How adorably stomach churning. (Limited)
  • Griff the Invisible. Another faux superhero movie. This one has Ryan Kwanten (True Blood). There it is. What else do you want from me? (Limited)
  • The Hedgehog. Yeah. I don’t know. Here’s the official blurbage. Make of it what you will. “Inspired by the beloved New York Times bestseller, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery, The Hedgehog is the timely story of Paloma (Garance Le Guillermic) a young girl bent on ending it all on her upcoming twelfth birthday. Using her father’s old camcorder to chronicle the hypocrisy she sees in adults, Paloma begins to learn about life from the grumpy building concierge, Renée Michel (Josiane Balasko). When Paloma’s camera reveals the extensive secret library in Renée’s back room, and that the often gruff matron reads Tolstoy to her cat, Paloma begins to understand that there are allies to be found beneath the prickliest of exteriors. As the unlikely friendship deepens, Paloma’s own coming of age becomes a much less pessimistic prospect.”  (NY, LA)
  • The Last Circus. During the 1937 Spanish Civil War, a circus clown is forced into the militia where, still in costume) he goes on a machete wielding rampage against the Nationalists. Jumping ahead 36 years to the end of Francisco Franco’s regime, the story picks up with the first clown’s son who also wants to be a clown but a lifetime of tragedy ensures he’s only cut out for the role of the “sad” clown. He falls in love with a beautiful acrobat who happens to be married to his abusive clown rival. A wacky Clown/Clown/Acrobat love triangle ensues. I shit you not. (NY)
  • Programming the Nation? Subliminal advertising: real threat or urban legend? I’m going to have to go with the latter. (NY)
  • The Smell of Success. This film written by Michael Polish starring Billy Bob Thornton as a manure salesman in the 1960s has been kicking around for a while (it debuted at Sundance way back in 2009) and it looks like it’s now getting a desultory release on the way to DVD. Tea Leoni, Ed Helms and Kyle MacLachlan co-star. (Limited)

3 Responses to “Weekend Forecast: Mi Amigo”

  1. Maybe I’m being negative here, but this week’s choc-full of stories I just don’t care about. Hidden gems anywhere?

    I still haven’t seen a bunch of somewhat-intriguing stuff that’s still on at the multiplex, so perhaps I’ll see one of those. Seeing The Trip is also a possibility this weekend.

  2. Oh darn, one of my screenplay ideas was a story about Mozart’s older sister Nannerl. It’s really pretty fascinating. The trailer doesn’t look that great, though. Oh well, may catch it when it’s available on DVD/Blu-Ray.

  3. I think Amigo was your best bet this weekend Jennybee, though I imagine it only played in 1 or 2 theaters.

    See what happens DP when you think and don’t write? (story of my life!)

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