French Trailer: Frederick Wiseman’s Crazy Horse
The noted documentarian (Titticut Follies, Hospital) turns his lens on the famed Parisian cabaret club as a new nude revue (not to be confused with The New Zoo Review) is whipped into shape. Don’t watch the trailer if you’re allergic to boobs. (Playlist)

Rufus Sewell in negotiations for Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost
The two previously worked together on Dark City (Variety – firewall)

Ben Affleck in negotiations to direct/star in “first-person shooter” thriller Line of Sight
For those of you who aren’t video game nerds, a first-person shooter is a game where the player assumes the POV of a specific character and the object is generally to run around shooting the shit out of anything that moves. I assume this means they’ll be using a gimmick similar to Lady in the Lake which wasn’t a very good idea in 1947 either. (THR)

Rights to remake everything Akira Kurosawa ever touched purchased
Said rights over Ikiru, Seven Samurai, High and Low, and Drunken Angel are already owned, but apparently an entity named Splendent Media has coughed up the money for the other 26 films Kurosawa directed plus 24 he wrote but did not direct and 19 scripts he wrote but which never became movies. I hope it cost them a bloody fortune, that the money went to someone who deserves it and that Splendent Media loses their collective shirt over it. (Variety – firewall)

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  1. You must admit that it would be very strange (not to mention disturbing) to see Doug and Emmy Jo (every day’s a different show!) speaking French.

  2. Yeah, but Emmy Jo dancing nude would’ve more than made up for my discomfort over not being able to understand what they were saying.

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