Trailer: Sam Shepard in Butch Cassidy flick Blackthorn

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(above) Trailer: Sam Shepard in Butch Cassidy flick Blackthorn
Sam Shepard + Western + Pretty Bolivian Scenery = Craig is There. This movie supposes that Butch Cassidy lived, changed his name to Blackthorn and lived out his days quietly as a rancher in Bolivia for 25 years until the pull of home grew strong enough for him to risk exposing his identity. Upon its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival it received both muted praise (“[Shepard] delivers a beautifully understated, world-weary turn that largely makes up for the slow-paced film’s longueurs.” THR) and criticism (“This film is more a series of uncharged photographs of gorgeous natural settings in Bolivia than a fluid narrative.” ScreenDaily). It’s directed by Spaniard Mateo Gil (screenwriter of Open Your Eyes, The Sea Inside) and it opens in the US on October 7. (Apple)

Paradise Lost 3 to get new ripped from the headlines ending for NYFF
Recent West Memphis Three events directly impact the third doc from Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. (THR)

You didn’t need a Ouija board to see the cancellation of McG’s Ouija movie coming
It looks like the only one of Universal’s wrong-headed Hasbro movies to make the big screen will be Peter Berg’s Battleship and only because it’s the first one out of the gate. Damnit, I was really hoping they’d get to a Jenga movie too. (THR)

Warner Bros. sneaks Sylvester Stallone and Walter Hill into 2012 line-up
The success of Rambo 4 and The Expendables notwithstanding, Stallone is a has-been. Take away the first Rocky and First Blood and he’s practically a never-was. I still have hope for Walter Hill however so pencil me in on April 13, 2012 for Bullet in the Head. (THR)

Chaz Palminteri joins Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father
Remember when Chaz was kind of big? A Bronx Tale, The Usual Suspects, Bullets Over Broadway… and then? Eh. Anyway, he’ll play mafia boss Paul Castellano in the Barry Levinson film starring John Travolta, Al Pacino and Ben Foster. (Variety – firewall)

Jonah Hill now official for Neighborhood Watch
You may recall he’d previously been in talks. (Deadline)

Poster/Trailer: Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis in Luc Besson’s The Lady
The story of imprisoned Burmese human rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi. The Shepard Fairey movie poster is taken directly from the artist’s own original Aung San Suu Kyi poster. Watch the teaser at Yahoo.

2 Responses to “News du Jour: 8/24/11”

  1. “Well, everybody knows that Custer died at Little Big Horn. What this book pre-supposes is… maybe he didn’t?”

    Sorry, that was the first thing I thought of when I read the BLACKTHORN description. I can’t be the only one, right?

  2. Haha, yes. Though after watching the trailer this movie could definitely use a little Wes Anderson twinkle. Seems kind of earnest.

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