It’s back! I don’t know if this is a one shot, or if we’re ready to get back in a regular swing or what, but I sat down with Sasha and Ryan of Awards Daily the other night mostly to argue about the feelgood movie of summer, The Help. We also each throw in our 2 cents about the best movies we’ve seen so far this year.

Check it out at Awards Daily.

4 Responses to “Return of the 3-Way Moviegasm Podcast”

  1. Yay!

  2. It’s apparently a long one. I hope it’s not boring.

    I assumed it would get edited down farther.

  3. Well, I just listened to this podcast in it’s entirety, while attending to some written responses online.

    It was a most fascinating confection of shared views on THE HELP and an engaging discourse on the better films of 2011 thus far.

    It did seem that Sasha Stone had some difficulty in voicing why she liked THE HELP, though it’s understandable that she would want to give some rhetorical heft to the lesser opinions voiced by Ryan Adams, and especially by Craig, who liked it least.

    My own position remains pretty much with Sasha Stone, though I never did feel this was any kind of a masterpiece, just a solid four star (out of five) film. I was pleased to hear the comparisons here with DRIVING MISS DAISY and much understood the main theme of the entire podcast was that THE HELP was esentially a “film about black people made for white people.” I was admittedly surprised that Sasha and Ryan were suggesting that this film had any kind of a serious shot at winning the Best Picture Oscar; heck I was thinking even a nomination was a long shot. But they know that angle far better than I do, and evaluating what they said and how they subsequently defended it in view of it’s big box-office and exceeding popularity with the public, it’s quite a persuasive argument.

    Ryan rightly suggests that ‘women over 50’ are basically drooling over the film, though I’m a man over 50 and I’m mostly aboard too. I know the ‘relieves people of guilt’ argument will be always broached when discussing the film, as it was here. I loved the seemingly small but telling observations in the talk like the one that brought out the copies of “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “Native Son” on the bookshelf. But the discussion as expected evaluated elements of manipulation and race condecension that one could well expect in any probing look at THE HELP.

    I continue to see it as having the thematic and emotional appeal of FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, and am not myself fazed by the more serious issues that fly in the face of the fun that many will have absorbing the film’s rich humor, emotions and alluring settings. And the great acting brought everything together. It seems I am approaching this material with a lighter level of acceptance, but I can’t blame anyone who feels they are being manipulated.

    I agree with the condemnation of the gay stereotyping in THE BOYS IN THE BAND, and of transgendered people in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, though on balance I like the former film a bit more than Ryan and appreciated the recent documentary on Mart Crawley.

    I still haven’t seen Raoul Ruiz’s film, though I am extremely excited to do so at first available opportunity and am saddned of teh director’s untimely passing. I did think it was telling to hear that a few in the panel here are aghast at the prospects of THE HELP getting a Best Picture nod, but TREE OF LIFE missing the short list. Even as a fair enough supporter of THE HELP, I am equally fearful of such a dire development.

    I wasn’t aware that Vanessa Redgrave would be in the acting mix this year, and enjoyed hearing the implications of gender membership oin the Academy.

    As always Craig’s contributions to this podcast were precise, erudite and delivered with civility towards the popular opinion, whatever that might be.

  4. Wow Sam, you deserve some kind of bonus prize for making it all the way through!

    We sort of staked out our opinions on The Help in advance and I was definitely on the negative end. Sasha seemed kind of in the middle but was eager to play something of the devil’s advocate. Ryan meanwhile went in with low expectations and came away pretty much liking it, at least the 2nd half.

    I fear I kind of steamrolled the conversation because I was still pretty fired up over it at the time we recorded this, but I stand by everything I say.

    As I said in the cast (not sure if it was edited out or not), I noted that the initial talk about the movie was overly simplified and I hope that even if we didn’t agree, we got a good conversation out of it and maybe that makes the movie worthwhile after all.

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