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News, nuggets and notables, updated as needed:

[Update: 3:05 pm PT]

George Clooney pulling out of Steven Soderbergh’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
I’d actually forgotten they were working on this. Clooney is an all to obvious choice so this is probably for the better. (Deadline)

Josh Brolin joins Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake
Paying attention now? Have I mentioned lately how glad I am Spike Lee is getting behind a new movie and how badly it sucks he hasn’t even been able to get funding for Inside Man 2? Hollywood is broken. (Deadline)

Nick Nolte joins Gangster Squad

[Update: 9:15 am PT]

William Monahan brought in for Sin City 2 rewrites
You’ll remember him as the fellow who won the Oscar for writing Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. He’s also recently teamed up with Marty on that remake of The Gambler. (THR)

A Star is Born likely pushed back until A Beyonce-Spawn is Born
Clint Eastwood’s remake was hoping to go before cameras in February 2012. Also, despite Eastwood’s wishes, Leonardo DiCaprio is (unsurprisingly) not taking the bait on the film and a search for a male lead continues. Christian Bale was mentioned in one of the trades the other day, but you don’t need me to tell you that’s likely a load of crap too. Still, it’s one less movie with Leo’s name on it, right? (Deadline)

Teaser: Hunger Games
This is the teaser that one channel that used to play music was pumping a couple of days before it debuted on their little awards show. I’m sure for fans of Suzanne Collins’ series of novels, the sight of Jennifer Lawrence running around in the woods while trees blow up is meaningful and exciting. (Apple)

James Toback not happy about Scorsese’s The Gambler remake
Toback’s screenplay for the original was autobiographical and apparently the film’s producers, who are also producing the remake, didn’t even tell him this was going to happen. For a guy who has been in the business as long as Toback, you’d think this sort of thing wouldn’t surprise him. He wrote the movie, but Paramount owns it. The decent thing would’ve been for the producers to fill him in so he didn’t have to hear about it from Nikki Finke via Brett Ratner though. (Deadline)

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  1. How many projects is Scorsese doing???

  2. Him, DiCaprio, David Fincher and Ridley Scott are attached to every movie that will ever be made.

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