Set in Paris in 1960, Fabrice Luchini (Potiche, The Girl from Monaco) plays Jean-Louis a middle class man living a middle class life with his wife played by Sandrine Kiberlain (Mademoiselle Chambon) whose humdrum existence is injected with new life when he discovers the women on the 6th floor of his building: the Spanish maids in their servants’ quarters.

So it’s kind of Le Help… without the appalling sociopolitics.

Opens in New York and Los Angeles on October 7

3 Responses to “Trailer: The Women on the 6th Floor”

  1. “So it’s kind of Le Help… without the appalling sociopolitics.”

    LOL!!!!! Good one!!!!

  2. I saw this one earlier this year, when it played in Montréal…and it’s a real charmer!

  3. I generally dig these kinds of French movies. Maybe it’s just perception and the inclusion of subtitles, but they seem to manage to make material work that would come off obvious and stupid in the US.

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