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This new version of the poster for the indie comedy Dirty Girl comes by way of Yahoo Movies. Rising star Juno Temple (Cracks, Kaboom, The Three Musketeers) plays Danielle, the bad girl of a small town high school who is teamed up for a parenting exercise with the class nerd. The two bond and set off on a road trip to California to find Danielle’s father.

Dirty Girl opens October 7.

Check out the other poster and a trailer at Apple.

5 Responses to “Poster #2: Juno Temple is a ‘Dirty Girl’”

  1. This seems like the recipe for disaster.

  2. Somehow the name of John Waters comes up when thinking of the real potential for a film like this. Ha!

  3. I haven’t read any reviews, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Either way, Juno Temple is turning into something to see.

    I don’t know about Waters. Definitely potential raw material for something Watersesque, but the trailer looked more ordinary, for better or for worse.

  4. Is that her real name? It sounds like either a stage name or a too on-the-nose character from an indie film or first novel or someone whose parents wanted their daughter to sound like a character from an indie film or first novel.

  5. Yep. Her father is Julien Temple, director of music videos, assorted music documentaries and movies like Absolute Beginners

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