I never saw Narc, which is rumor has it is the high-water mark of Joe Carnahan’s directorial career so far, and I skipped The A-Team because life is too short and there are too many good movies left to see, but I did see Joe Carnahan’s uniquely awful Smokin’ Aces. Even so, I have to admit that a tale of arctic survival starring Liam Neeson has a certain appeal despite Carnahan’s name on it.

The January 27, 2012 release date gives one pause, but then it seems more and more studios are trying to sneak in a genre picture or two during the winter down time and as often as not they make money doing it.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Carnahan, either, but I’m cautiously optimistic based on the trailer. Looks like he toned down the quick cutting and super-saturated cinematography for this one, although the Neeson-wolf face-off (what’s with the glass knuckles?) has the potential to be very silly.

    A-Team, by the way, wasn’t horrible. I wouldn’t recommend it outright, but if you’re in the right mood it can be good fun. It captures the goofy, good-natured spirit — albeit with 15x the budget and often incoherent set-pieces — of the TV series.

  2. Thing is, I’m the only guy I know who was of age when A-Team was first run who never had any interest in it and thought it was silly. I know, I know. I was broken even as a kid.

    So anyway, I figured a big budget version of same was not something I needed to see.

  3. Definitely no fan of Carnahan either, though I guess I can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or can I?

  4. Remove his name from the equation and this could be a good popcorn flick. Maybe not, but what the hell, it looks worth a shot.

  5. I skipped out on “Narc” after I realized it wasn’t based on that rad arcade game. I recall that Carnahan was rumored to direct a “Mission: Impossible” movie a while back before J.J. Abrams annexed the franchise. That’s about where my knowledge of him ends.

  6. I’m a sucker for tales of Arctic (or Antarctic) survival. I’ll see this, no question.

  7. Jennybee, I’m picturing you rubbing up against the legs of an arctic survival movie and purring.

    “I realized it wasn’t based on that rad arcade game.” Bob, I’m entering this in a contest to choose The Silliest Reasons Not To See A Movie. I’ll give you half of my winnings.

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