Joshua Leonard, who was so terrific in Vera Farmiga’s Higher Ground, stars in his own indie directorial debut The Lie. It’s a drama with comedic overtones about a man who tells a huge lie to get out of work only to have it blow up in his face. Jess Weixler, who was very good in the just OK horror film Teeth, co-stars as his wife.

This is the kind of material that could easily fall into a quirky-indie-slacker rut and the trailer leaves open that door of possibility, but Leonard as an actor just might make it work.

The Lie was mostly warmly received following its Sundance premiere in January. It hits theaters November 18.


(via indieWIRE)

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  1. I quite agree with you that Joshua Leonard was superlative in Farmiga’s HIGHER GROUND, which I saw last week. I thought the film was much better at capturing the smaller nuances, than for nabbing the ramifications of small town religious hysteria, but it was a fine first effort for Ms. Farmiga. I guess the irony here is that Farmiga starred in her own directorial debut, which is exactly what Leonard is doing here with this inde. The trailer looks promising.

  2. I was expecting more of an indictment of religion in Higher Ground, but I agree it wasn’t shooting at that big of a picture. It was really more about one woman’s personal journey that happened to include some extreme spirituality, as pretentious as that sounds.

    Hopefully Leonard is as good a director of actors as Farmiga apparently is. If so, The Lie could be something to see.

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