Now they’re coming out when I’m asleep too.

I don’t think this one needs any further introduction. Check it out in HD at Apple.

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  1. That is one long, loaded, plot-heavy trailer. I don’t mean that in a good way. I really dug the teaser trailer they put out a few months ago.

  2. Have you read the book or seen the Swedish adaptation?

  3. I don’t want to be mean… even though Fincher doing Dragon Tatto could h ave been interesting. But besides from the glossy aspect of the film, this looks pretty much like the Swedish version…

    Unless this is amazing, I’m going to end up like I did with Let Me In.

  4. I haven’t read the book or seen the original movies.

  5. I read the first book. I’m currently looking at the second part at my table… The first one was amazing. And from the trailers I’m getting the feeling that Fincher followed the original material closely which is a plus in my books. I’m just wondering should I watch the original film before or after Fincher’s adaptation…

    Otherwise, it’s one of my most anticipated films of the year :) However, this particular trailer runs a bit longer than necessary.

  6. Ari. Well that potentially sucks. I have seen the Swedish orig, but I haven’t yet watched this trailer. It’s Fincher and I’m seeing it, but like Amy so far I’m a little surprised how much it looks like the Swedish version in tone and style.

    Piro, I know a couple of people who weren’t crazy about the Swedish version after having read the book. My sense was that it was faithful, if not all that spectacular. Not having read the book, I enjoyed the movie as kind of a cyberpunked up yet old-fashioned Agatha Christie type mystery.

    Since Fincher is Fincher, I’d guess the best way to go would be to let Fincher steal your cinematic Dragon Tattoo virginity

  7. I haven’t seen the original films or read the books, either. I’m game for anything Fincher, but I still would rather see him do “Rendezvous with the Rama” (or has that been abandoned officially?).

  8. I was just commenting on the way the trailer was cut. I prefer when trailers maintain a sense of mystery without jamming all the plot details into 3 minutes. It could be a good movie. I enjoy some of Fincher’s work. “Zodiac” and “The Game” are his best for me. I’m not crazy about his other movies.

  9. Ahh yeah, I agree, but that’s why I try to avoid trailers for movies I’m already sold on.

  10. This looks better than the original film, but I still have to wonder why (artistically; the financial upshot is obvious) this was necessary.

    Fincher has basically gussied up the original movie and replaced the Swedish actors with marginally superior Hollywood ones using watered-down accents. From a technical standpoint, it’s very much reminiscent of Zodac (the period details, the atmospheric cinematography) and The Social Network (the time-bending structure, the music and sound editing). It looks like something of a snooze, especially given the clumsy plot he’s dealing with.

  11. I rather like his earlier stuff, but he is a director who gets less and less interesting the further away you get from your high school years. Still, he’s polished, professional and fun. Even “Alien 3” is good in its slick, nihilistic way (if only Fox had let it be the ending of that series).

  12. Craig, after your recommendation I think I’ll consider “letting Fincher steal my cinematic Dragon Tattoo virginity” :P It’s just that I’ve always preferred to see the originals first but then again… It’s Fincher.

    W.J., I couldn’t understand if you didn’t like the story or just the idea of the remake. Because for me, it’s a great thriller/mystery (at least as a book it works very well).

    Bob, I believe that you are underestimating Mr.Fincher. Give him a couple of films and I’m positive that we’ll see some amazingly impressive films by him. He already has quite a few but I think he can do even better with upcoming projects.

  13. Piro, by having read the book, you kind of already HAVE experience the original first.

    WJ. I have to think Fincher read the book, saw the first movie and felt he could do it better in some way. I haven’t read any interviews with him on the subject, but he doesn’t strike me as a director for hire. I can’ believe he’s doing it just for the box office, especially since Social Network was a commercial success.

  14. Piro, I think I’m being very positive with him, all things considered. Does “Dragon Tattoo” the most interesting film I could imagine from him? Are movies like “Fight Club” or “Se7en” as cool to me as when I was in high school? No, but I’ve seen all of his movies in the theater in the past ten years, and I don’t plan on missing this one, either. I don’t see where I’m underestimating him.

  15. Read the book then saw the film – which I really liked as an adaptation and I valued that it was Swedish. I was hoping for a reinterpretation by Fincher – why else make the movie so soon after the European version? The extended trailer makes it seem remarkably similar to the earlier film in content and flow so I’m kinda baffled. Fincher is obviously the superior director but I’m not sure that by itself justifies a remake.

  16. I’ve yet myself to discover the magic with these films, though unlike several others here I haven’t yet read the novel (s). But I do recall I was a bit hasty to judge.

  17. I have two problems with this film, Piro:

    First, the plot relies on some pretty fantastic leaps of logic (the girl must have been looking at her killer!) while building to a patently obvious conclusion (it never occurred to anyone that the girl fled an abusive household, but continued sending the pictures?). Then, it builds up a strong, interesting female character only to have her play sidekick/love interest in the second half. Unless Fincher made some significant changes — and it doesn’t appear from this trailer that he did — I don’t see the point in watching the same critically flawed film twice.

    Second, this does appear to be a paycheck job for Fincher. There doesn’t appear be anything particularly new or interesting about how he handled this film. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (I loved Panic Room, which most people consider a “minor” Fincher). But, when combined with the problems inherent in the material, that doesn’t make me optimistic.

    I’m willing to give Fincher the benefit of the doubt, since he’s never made a flat-out awful film and he’s made quite a few near-masterpieces. It’ll just take a few very positive recommendations from folks I trust to get me to the theater.

  18. To clarify, I have not read the book. It’s entirely possible, even likely, that the plot works better on the page.

  19. Well, I must say that I am with W.J. lock, stock and barrel here.

  20. I actually liked the creaky, old-fashioned nature of the mystery. LIke an Agatha Christie novel that kind of doesn’t really seem all that credible when you really stop and think about it, but it’s moody and has great characters and a nice sense of doom hanging over everything.

    The only reason I don’t think it’s a paycheck gig is he has no reason to do one and he’s repeatedly expressed genuine enthusiasm for this one.

  21. He also expressed genuine enthusiasm for “The Social Network”, so my interest is tempered. But yeah, it doesn’t look like a paycheck thing, and might even be fueled with a genuine spark of the same anarchist sentiment that stuff like “Fight Club” had in spades (he’d be a good candidate for a WikiLeaks film)

  22. I did not like the Swedish version much–mainly because I didn’t like Noomi Rapace in that role at all and I had some big issues with the adaptation choices, particularly in regards to spoiling the 2nd film. I think this looks much better. I’m glad Fincher made it.

    I’ve read and really enjoyed all the books and I watched the first Swedish film, after which I lost all interest in that version of the trilogy. Looking forward to this one.

  23. Rooney looks about the same to me as Noomi.

    Rooney…Noomi. Noomi…Rooney. Oprah…Uma…

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