Slip on your Depend® adult undergarments and fasten your seat belts boys and girls. That popping feeling behind your ear drums means its Oscar Season again. I know. It’s too damn early and there are too many damn movies to see to even be thinking about this stuff, yet it’s happening whether you’re thinking about it or not.

Since ’tis the season, that also means ’tis time for me to publicly immolate myself over at Awards Daily’s Oscar Roundtable wherein people who make money doing this weigh in on the whole mess. How I fit in to that equation I’m not entirely sure, but there I am.

In alphabetical order, this week’s lineup includes:

Release the hounds!

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4 Responses to “Awards Daily’s Oscar Roundtable – Scene the First”

  1. Yay!

  2. What, you LIKE seeing me look stupid? :)

  3. You under-estimate yourself.

    It’s nice to see you getting all these opportunities.

  4. Yeah, anything that exposes me to a bigger audience is a good thing.

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