After scoring solid opening weekend numbers in its single New York location last weekend, the widely praised gay romance Weekend is set to hit the LA area on September 30th while also hitting VOD for those who don’t live in NY or LA. It will make another expansion into Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and San Francisco on October 7th.

Except for the occasional flick that slips through to the mainstream, gay-themed movies don’t often have the reputation of being all that good, but check out the solid 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here’s a choice quote from David Edelstein reviewing for New York Magazine: “I hate to damage so fragile a work with overpraise, but, gay or straight, if you don’t see yourself in this movie, you need to get a life.”

2 Responses to “Indie hit ‘Weekend’ poised to expand”

  1. Aye, Craig, and I was at that Manhattan IFC Film Center location on Saturday evening, and am fully able to corroborate this glowing assessment.

    This engaging and ultimately moving and elegiac mumblecore feature rates with another British film (from the 90’s) “Beautiful Thing” and Lucas Moodyson’s “Show Me Love” as the best gay-themed films ever made.

  2. High praise indeed, Sam.

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