I’m still not convinced Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy needs a remake, but if you’re going to do it, let it be handled by an interesting director and an interesting cast, right? Well, they’ve got the director down in Spike Lee and they’ve already lined up Josh Brolin. Colin Firth had been rumored for the villain role, but he turned it down last week following in the footsteps of Christian Bale.  Enter Clive Owen whom you’ll recall starred in Lee’s Inside Man and Mia Wasikowska who bounced back from the abysmal (but successful) waste of her talent in Alice in Wonderland to star in this year’s wonderful adaptation of Jane Eyre alongside Michael Fassbender.

Things are obviously pretty fluid on this film right now so don’t be shocked if either or both of these castings fall through, but one can hope.

Remember a year ago when this was shaping into a Steven Spielberg/Will Smith project? Yikes.

via: Twitch and Twitch, your source for all things Oldboy

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