I know this is gone way beyond ridiculous, but I forget every year that once you start it’s hard to stop posting these things even long after any meaning they might have had is lost in the kudo cacophony.

BEST PICTURE(-) The Tree of Life
BEST DIRECTOR(-) Terrence Malick–The Tree of Life
BEST ACTOR(-) Michael Shannon–Take Shelter
BEST ACTRESS(-) Michelle Williams–My Week with Marilyn
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR(-) Albert Brooks–Drive
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS(-) Jessica Chastain–The Tree of Life
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY(-) Michel Hazanavicius–The Artist
BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY(-) Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin–Moneyball
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY(-) The Tree of Life–Emmanuel Lubezki
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE(-) Drive–Cliff Martinez
BEST DOCUMENTARY(-) The Interrupters
MOST PROMISING PERFORMER(-) Elizabeth Olsen–Martha Marcy May Marlene
MOST PROMISING FILMMAKER(-) Sean Durkin–Martha Marcy May Marlene

via: Awards Daily

3 Responses to “Chicago Film Critics: The Tree of Life”

  1. Well, as boring as these lists can get it’s still nice to see the recognition of Tree of Life.

  2. Yep. I considered for a minute not posting any that were just more praise for The Artist or The Descendants, but that’s not really fair just because I don’t happen to agree those movies are the bees knees.

    so, I’m stuck with all or nothing and obviously I’m going for all.

  3. THE TREE OF LIFE is absolutely the best film of 2011.

    Hence, I salute you Windy City scribes!!!

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