Another critic goes for The Tree of Life. You know, after the supposedly high and mighty NY and LA critics chickened out, I was expecting all the other critics and critics’ groups to pretty much follow suit, but a surprising number have praised Terrence Malick’s divisive film.

Bring on the rest of the awards. I’ll stop complaining now, no matter how they turn out.

1. The Tree of Life
2. Hugo
3. Take Shelter
4. Win Win
5. Warrior
6. Senna
7. The Descendants
8. Hanna
9. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
10. Crazy, Stupid, Love
11. Project Nim
12. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
13. Super 8
14. Stake Land
15. The Artist
16. Bridesmaids
17. We Were Here
18. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
19. The Adventures of Tintin
20. Drive

via: San Francisco Chronicle by way of Awards Daily

2 Responses to “Peter Hartlaub’s Best of 2011: “The Tree of Life””

  1. Never mind Hartlaub. I’m waiting for a Los Angeles-based critic named Craig Kennedy to annoint Malick’s film as top dog on his own list at the end of the month!

    Now that will really be the ticket.

  2. Turns out I’m probably not going to get to see Mysteries of Lisbon in time after all. The version I thought I had, wasn’t, and the next version I tried only had Dutch subtitles. Haha. Serves me right!

    Soo, do I do a fraudulent list anyway? Or just skip it?

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