If she signs, The Mad Woman will join previously cast Elle Fanning and Allesandro Nivola in a 60s-set drama about a London-based writer (Nivola) and a teen (Fanning) caught between the Cold War and the sexual revolution. No word on what part Hendricks will play, but Annette Benning is also apparently eying a role.

Hendricks, who first earned widespread attention as sexy secretary Joan on AMC’s Mad Men, most recently had a small role on the big screen in Nicolas Winding Refn’s critically beloved Drive starring Ryan Gosling and even more recently (but even less seen) in the Sarah Jessica Parker monstrosity I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Sally Potter, who lit up the arthouse circuit in 1992 with the gender-bending Orlando, most recently filmed Rage with among many others Steve Buscemi and Jude Law.

via: Daily Mail by way of Playlist

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