Minority Report (2002) directed by Steven Spielberg
Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer and Neal McDonough as Gordon Fletcher

Danny: What kind of cop were you before this?
Gordon: Treasury agent. Eight years.
Danny: This would be your first actual murder scene?
Gordon: Yeah.
Danny: I worked homicide before I went federal. This is what we’d call an orgy of evidence. Know how many orgies I had as a homicide cop, Gordon?
Gordon: How many?
Danny: None…This was all arranged.

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  1. 2nd favorite Spielberg of the decade behind “Catch Me If You Can”. Worth noting both flms came out the same year. Amazing stuff from Spielberg.

    Yeah, the ending is what it is. But the film is so thrilling and confident up to that point that I really don’t care if the ending is soft or not.

    Cruise and Farrell are great. ILM does some of their best work here.

  2. This one holds up really well. I remember it as the first time I really stood up and noticed Farrell and thought “Hey, this guy’s got something.”

  3. Yeah, don’t necessarily love the ending but this is a solid film from Spielberg. I like that people constantly reference this film as a technological/social snapshot of the future. The thinking that went into this film goes well beyond the effects and narrative.

    I was on the backlot doing the tour when they were in production for this. We saw the set for the alleyway/apartment building chase sequence. They had this full building facade with a half dozen harnesses rigged to a series of cranes. When the guide told us we were seeing part of the set for the new Spielberg film I knew he had something crazy lined up, but you couldn’t imagine how elaborate that chase sequence would end up being.

  4. I rather like this film, probably my favorite of his from the past ten years. The ending kinda backs out of the philosophical quandry that the Dick story sets up, but it’s a pretty decent expression of how screwed up the justice system can be (we can somehow find a way to make even oracular visions of the future unfair).

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