The Foghorn Leghorn (1948) directed by Robert McKimson
Foghorn Leghorn voiced by Mel Blanc

Foghorn Leghorn: Looka’here son, I say son! Did ya see that hawk after those hens? He scared ’em! That Rhode Island red turned white… then blue. Rhode Island. Red, white and blue. That’s a joke son! A flag waver! You’re built too low! The fast ones go over your head. You got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin’ ’em and you keep missin’ ’em. You gotta keep your eye on the ball! Eye. Ball. Eyeball! I almost hadda gag, son! Joke that is.

6 Responses to “The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)”

  1. I love Foghorn Leghorn. There’s somethin’ a little eeeeeehhhhhh about a boy who don’t like baseball.

  2. I had a feeling you might like this one!

  3. Yep, another Mel Blanc animated icon. My wife Lucille says the character brings back many childhood memories for her.

  4. Can’t help but feel there’s a bit of Foghorn Leghorn in John Goodman, especially his brief cameo in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.

    “Thank you boys for throwin’ in that fricassee. I’m a man of large appetite, and even with lunch under my belt, I was feelin’ a mite peckish.”

  5. I used to have a boss who sounded strangely similar to Foghorn Leghorn. I always hoped he might say “Ah keep mah feathuhs numbuhed for such an uh-cassion”, but alas, he never did.

  6. Joel I think you’ve tapped into something deeper about the Coens in general, particularly in their more comic-flavored films, there’s an exaggeration and stylization that puts them in the same orbit as some of the great Looney Tunes.

    Paul, did he ever pick you up by your tail and whack you on the ass with a board?

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