Life of Brian (1979) directed by Terry Jones
John Cleese as Wise Man #1, Graham Chapman as Wise Man #2, Terry Jones as Brian’s Mother and Michael Palin as Wise Man #3

Brian’s Mother: So you’re astrologers, are you? Well, what is he then?
Wise Man #2: Hmm?
Brian’s Mother: What star sign is he?
Wise Man #2: Capricorn.
Brian’s Mother: Oh, Capricorn eh? What are they like?
Wise Man #2: He is the son of God, our Messiah!
Wise Man #1: King of the Jews!
Brian’s Mother: And that’s Capricorn, is it?
Wise Man #2: No, no, no, that’s just him.
Brian’s Mother: Oh, I was gonna say, otherwise there’d be a lot of them.

4 Responses to “Life of Brian (1979) – Merry Christmas from Living in Cinema!”

  1. Life of Brian is my favorite Python movie. I watched it recently and it was as funny the 50th time as it was the first. Happy Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas from Greece, Graig! A Monty Python movie, clip or quote is always welcome!.

  3. Yep, this is a personal favorite of my own. Meaning of Life was the first Monty Python movie to come out in a theater while I was a Monty Python fan, and Holy Grail was the one all the nerds loved the best, but Life of Brian is my favorite.

    Merry Christmas to anyone who is celebrating, and Happy 25th of December for everyone else!

  4. Merry Christmas to all the LiCers who celebrate. :-)

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