Touch of Evil (1958) directed by Orson Welles
Marlene Dietrich as Tanya and Al Schwartz as Mort Mills (not pictured)

Mills: Well, Hank was a great detective alright.
Tanya: And a lousy cop.
Mills: Is that all you have to say for him?
Tanya: He was some kind of a man. What does it matter what you say about people?

2 Responses to “Touch of Evil (1958) – Marlene Dietrich’s 110th Birthday”

  1. Looking forward to watching Touch of Evil today on TCM’s Marlene Dietrich birthday tribute. Witness for the Prosecution and Stage Fright are also on the MD tribute list. Not a bad lineup!

  2. Both of those made my short list for today’s quote, but I had to go with the last lines of this terrific picture.

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